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I have a dream!!

I have been born in Athens and my roots are from the Olympia Village which is the earth where the Olympic Games were born. From my childhood I was quite afflected about the Olympic Games and generally for the sports. Every time that I was visited the Stadium in Ancient Olympia I had a dream to collect as much information I could and make a book about the History of the Olympics and the sports. As nowdays the situation is changed I decide to create a webpage about it. The target is to collect from my private file and of course through the network all the information that is needed in order to make a webpage as full as it is possible about the history, the statistics, and the information that everybody fun of sports need.

The project has just start and as, at the moment, all this is a private effort, I begun with the information about the Olympics (A lot of pages for the moment are categorized and linked to some major sites as, and but also there are much selfish pages (ex.1896  Athens Summer Olympics pages)
where I am trying to to collect and categorize all the useful information).

As soon as I will finish with the Olympics games I will make the same with sports as Athletics, Swimming, Tennis, Football, Basketball etc.

I prefer to improve in higher time except some of my dear visitors like and believe my project and the have the kindness to donate any amount they want, in order to have the possibility to make this website nicest, bigger, faster. For all these the website needs bigger servers, more tools, more people etc.

Thank you for visiting

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Athletics in Olympic Games (History, Records, Full Results, Statistics and more .......

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