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1983 World Championships in Athletics Helsinki, Finland

1983 1st IAAF World Championships - Helsinki - Men's 20km Race Walk



Host City: Helsinki, Finland  
Dates: 7–14 August 1983  
Nations participating: 153  
Athletes participating: 1,355  
    Main venue: Helsinki Olympic Stadium
Overview by IAAF   Helsinki Olympic Stadium 
Ernesto Canto, 23, added the World title to his 1981 World Cup win with a scintillating final 5Km of 19:32. At 15Km a group of eight were in contention. In the next 2Km, this was down to four – Canto, Pribilinec, Yevsyukov and Marín. The Spaniard was the first to fall back, followed by the Soviet walker. The Mexican and the Czechoslovak duelled in the last 3Km, before Canto opened up a 40m lead by the time he entered the stadium.
 These are the official results of the Men's 20 kilometres race walk event at the 1983 World Championships in Helsinki, Finland. The race was held on 7 August 1983.


Standing records prior to the 1983 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Domingo Colin (MEX) 1:19.35 April 27, 1980 Soviet Union Cherkasy, Soviet Union
Event Record New event
Broken records during the 1983 World Athletics Championships
Event Record  Ernesto Canto (MEX) 1:20.49 August 7, 1983 Finland Helsinki, Finland
  20km Race Walk 30 August
1 Ernesto Canto MEX 1.20.49
2 Jozef Pribilinec TCH 1.20.59
3 Yevgeniy Yevsyukov URS 1.21.08
4 Jose Marin ESP 1.21.21
5 Gerard Lelievre FRA 1.21.37
6 Pavol Blazek TCH 1.21.54
7 Maurizio Damilano ITA 1.21.57
8 Guillaume Leblanc CAN 1.22.04
9 Raul Gonzalez MEX 1.22.06
10 Roland Wieser GDR 1.22.14
11 Anatoliy Gorshkov URS 1.22.34
12 Reima Salonen FIN 1.22.51
13 Pyotr Pochenchuk URS 1.24.55
14 Ralf Kowalsky GDR 1.25.13
15 Dave Smith AUS 1.25.23
16 Enrique Vera-Ybanez MEX 1.25.27
17 Alik Basriev BUL 1.25.49
18 Carlo Mattioli ITA 1.25.53
19 Jim Heiring USA 1.25.55
20 Marcel Jobin CAN 1.26.13
21 Erling Andersen NOR 1.26.39
22 Michael Bonke GDR 1.26.57
23 Jose Pinto POR 1.27.10
24 Alessandro Pezzatini ITA 1.27.15
25 Phil Vesty GBR 1.27.20
26 Martial Fesselier FRA 1.27.39
27 Roman Mrazek TCH 1.27.46
28 Jorge Llopart ESP 1.27.49
29 Simon Baker AUS 1.28.09
30 Willi Sawall AUS 1.28.16
31 Per Rasmussen SWE 1.28.51
32 Matti Katila FIN 1.29.14
33 Lars Ove Moen NOR 1.29.16
34 Francisco Botonero ESP 1.29.42
35 Abdelwahab Ferguene ALG 1.29.53
36 Tim Lewis USA 1.30.10
37 Roger Mills GBR 1.30.25
38 Shemsu Hassan ETH 1.30.36
39 Kevin Taylor NZL 1.30.38
40 Guangxing Li CHN 1.31.02
41 Ian McCombie GBR 1.31.14
42 Chand Ram IND 1.31.32
43 Shaohong Jiang CHN 1.31.43
44 Petri Makela FIN 1.32.21
45 Benamar Kachkouche ALG 1.32.33
46 Takehiro Sonohara JPN 1.33.45
47 Sergio Gutierrez CRC 1.33.59
48 Joseph Martens BEL 1.34.39
49 Santiago Fonseca HON 1.35.07
50 Shane Donelly NZL 1.35.21
51 Osvaldo Morejon BOL 1.36.37
52 Per Nielsen DEN 1.38.52
53 Stefano Casali SMR 1.39.41
54 Nadarajan Rengasamy SIN 1.51.35
55 Uaongo Areai CKI 2.05.13
- Marco Evoniuk USA DNF
- Francois Lapointe CAN DNF
- Keith Olsthoom NZL DNF
- Bo Gustafsson SWE DQ
- Burhan Vurgun TUR DQ
- Jan Staaf SWE DNS
- Fuxin Zhang CHN DNS

07 AUG 1983 

  Erling Andersen NOR NOR    
  Uaongo Areai COK COK 1:52:33  
  Simon Baker AUS AUS    
  Alik Basriev BUL BUL    
  Pavol Blazek TCH TCH    
  Michael Bonke GDR GDR    
  Francisco Botonero ESP ESP    
  Ernesto Canto MEX MEX    
  Stefano Casali SMR SMR    
  Maurizio Damilano ITA ITA    
  Shane Donelly NZL NZL    
  Marco Evoniuk USA USA    
  Abdelouaheb Ferguène ALG ALG    
  Martial Fesselier FRA FRA    
  Santiago Fonseca HON HON    
  Raul González MEX MEX    
  Anatoliy Gorshkov URS URS    
  Bo Gustafsson SWE SWE    
  Sergio Gutierrez CRC CRC    
  Shemsu Hassan ETH ETH    
  Jim Heiring USA USA    
  Shaohong Jiang CHN CHN    
  Marcel Jobin CAN CAN    
  Benamar Kachkouche ALG ALG    
  Matti Katila FIN FIN    
  Ralf Kowalsky GDR GDR    
  François Lapointe CAN CAN    
  Guillaume Leblanc CAN CAN    
  Gérard Leliévre FRA FRA    
  Tim Lewis USA USA    
  Guangxing Li CHN CHN    
  Jorge Llopart ESP ESP    
  Petri Makela FIN FIN    
  José Marín ESP ESP 1:20:00 1:20:00
  Joseph Martens BEL BEL    
  Carlo Mattioli ITA ITA    
  Ian McCombie GBR GBR    
  Roger Mills GBR GBR    
  Lars Ove Moen NOR NOR    
  Osvaldo Morejon BOL BOL    
  Roman Mrázek TCH TCH    
  Per Nielsen DEN DEN    
  Keith Olsthoom NZL NZL    
  Alessandro Pezzatini ITA ITA    
  José Pinto POR POR    
  Pyotr Pochenchuk URS URS    
  Jozef Pribilinec TCH TCH    
  Chand Ram IND IND    
  Per Rasmussen SWE SWE    
  Nadarajan Rengasamy SGP SGP    
  Reima Salonen FIN FIN 1:19:52 1:19:52
  William Sawall AUS AUS    
  David Smith AUS AUS    
  Takehiro Sonohara JPN JPN    
  Jan Staaf SWE SWE    
  Kevin Taylor NZL NZL    
  Enrique Vera MEX MEX    
  Phil Vesty GBR GBR    
  Burhan Vurgun TUR TUR    
  Roland Wieser GDR GDR    
  Yevgeniy Yevsyukov URS URS 1:19:53  
  Fuxin Zhang CHN CHN




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