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1987 World Championships in Athletics Rome, Italy

1987 2nd IAAF World Championships - Rome - Women's High Jump



Host City: Rome, Italy Format: Qualifying round (1.93 or top 12 to final) (Aug 29)
Dates: August 28 – September 6, 1987
Nations participating: 159
Athletes participating: 1451
    Main venue: Stadio Olimpico
Overview by IAAF   stadio olimpico rome 
Like in Helsinki four years earlier, Tamara Bykova was involved in a terrific contest for the gold medal. This time her opponent was Stefka Kostadinova, the world record holder at 2.08. These two dominated the final in which they were the first two to jump. At 1.99 the medallists were clear. Bykova and Kostadinova continued their record of first-time clearances. The only other woman to make 1.99 was Beyer, on her second attempt. She went out at 2.02. The leading two each succeeded first time. It was the first time two women had cleared that high in the same meeting. At 2.04, Bykova went clear again but Kostadinova failed twice. She made it, easily, on her third try. The next height, 2.06, saw Bykova fail for the first time. The Bulgarian followed with a miss. Bykova failed a second time, before Kostadinova produced a successful clearance to take the lead. The Soviet jumper now needed to go higher with her last try to win. Amid the excitement of Ben Johnson’s sprint win, she went for 2.08 and failed. The triumphant Kostadinova then had the bar raised to 2.09 which she cleared on her second try. Just 10 minutes after the infamous 9.83 100m, Rome had seen its second world record. The biomechanical report of the event noted that Kostadinova’s centre of mass was as high as 10cm above the bar at during her record jump
 These are the official results of the Women's High Jump event at the 1987 IAAF World Championships in Rome, Italy. There were a total number of 24 participating athletes, with two qualifying groups and the final held on Sunday August 30, 1987.


Stefka Kostadinova came into the competition as the world record holder at 2.08m and favorite, but it was not going to be uncontested. Soviet Tamara Bykova was the defending champion and the woman Kostadinova replaced as world record holder, her Bulgarian teammate, Lyudmila Andonova was also a finalist, though she was untested following a 2-year doping suspension.

By 2.02m the rest of the competition had topped out, the last being Susanne Beyer clearing 1.99m, Bykova and Kostadinova still having a clean round. Jumping first, Bykova continued clean at 2.04m, but Kostadinova took three tries to stay alive in the competition, putting Bykova in the driver's seat. After Bykova missed a second time at 2.06m, Kostadinova cleared, taking the lead. Bykova passed to take a heroic attempt to equal the world record, 3 cm over her personal best, her only chance for the win. Bykova missed and the medals were settled.

Having nothing to gain from equalling her own world record, Kostadinova passed to 2.09 m (6 ft 1014 in). On her second attempt, she bounded over, not even touching the bar. Kostadinova's world record has stood since. Only Blanka Vlasic and Anna Chicherova have jumped higher than 2.06m since.


Standing records prior to the 1987 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.08 m May 31, 1986 Bulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria
Event Record  Tamara Bykova (URS) 2.01 m August 9, 1983 Finland Helsinki, Finland
Broken records during the 1987 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.09 m August 30, 1987 Italy Rome, Italy
  High Jump 30 August
1 Stefka Kostadinova BUL 25 Mar 65 2.09 WR AU23R
2 Tamara Bykova URS 21 Dec 58 2.04  
3 Susanne Beyer GDR 24 Jun 61 1.99  
4 Silvia Costa CUB 4 May 64 1.96  
5 Larisa Kositsyna URS 14 Dec 63 1.96  
6 Heike Henkel FRG 5 May 64 1.96  
7 Svetlana Leseva BUL 18 Mar 67 1.93  
8 Louise Ritter USA 18 Feb 58 1.93  
8 Lyudmila Avdeyenko URS 14 Dec 63 1.93  
10 Madely Beaugendre FRA 22 Sep 65 1.93  
11 Coleen Sommer USA 6 Jun 60 1.93  
12 Lyudmila Andonova BUL 6 May 60 1.85  
Final Height 180 185 189 193 196 199 202 204 206 208 209
1 Stefka Kostadinova BUL 2.09m WR - O O O O O O XXO XO XO
2 Tamara Bykova URS 2.04m - O O O O O O O XX- X
3 Susanne Helm-Beyer GDR 1.99m - O O O O XO XXX
4 Silvia Costa CUB 1.96m - O O O O XX- X
5 Larisa Kositsyna URS 1.96m PB - O O XXO O XXX
6 Heike Redetzky-Henkel FRG 1.96m PB - O O O XO XXX
7 Svetlana Isaeva-Leseva BUL 1.93m - O O O XXX
8 Louise Ritter USA 1.93m - O XO O XXX
8 Lyudmila Avdeyenko URS 1.93m - XO O O XXX
10 Madely Beaugendre FRA 1.93m PB -O
11 Coleen Sommer USA 1.90m - O XO X
12 Lyudmila Andonova BUL 1.85m O O XXX
Qualification 29 August
Group A
1 Heike Redetzky-Henkel FRG 1,91
1 Lyudmila Avdeyenko URS 1,91
1 Coleen Sommer USA 1,91
1 Silvia Costa CUB 1,91
1 Stefka Kostadinova BUL 1,91
1 Madely Beaugendre FRA 1,91
7 Amra Temim YUG 1,88
7 Xiuling Ni CHN 1,88
7 Hee-Sun Kim KOR 1,88
7 Alina Astafei ROU 1,88
11 Alessandra Bonfiglioli ITA 1,85
- Sigrid Kirchmann AUT NM
Group B
1 Louise Ritter USA 1,91
1 Susanne Helm-Beyer GDR 1,91
1 Lyudmila Andonova BUL 1,91
1 Svetlana Isaeva-Leseva BUL 1,91
1 Tamara Bykova URS 1,91
1 Larisa Kositsyna URS 1,91
7 Megumi Sato JPN 1,88
7 Christine Stanton AUS 1,88
9 Phyllis Bluntson USA 1,85
9 Hanne Haugland NOR 1,85
11 Thordis Gisladottir ISL 1,80
11 Orlane Maria Dos Santos BRA 1,80

Group A 29 AUG 1987

  Alina Astafei ROU ROU 1.93  
  Lyudmila Avdeyenko URS URS 2.00 2.00
  Madely Beaugendre FRA FRA 1.85i  
  Alessandra Bonfiglioli ITA ITA    
  Silvia Costa CUB CUB 1.98  
  Heike Henkel FRG FRG 1.91i 1.91i
  Hee-sun Kim KOR KOR    
  Sigrid Kirchmann AUT AUT 1.85  
  Stefka Kostadinova BUL BUL 2.08 2.06
  Xiuling Ni CHN CHN 1.75i  
  Coleen Sommer USA USA 2.00i  
  Amra Temim YUG YUG 1.94 1.94

Group B 29 AUG 1987

  Lyudmila Andonova BUL BUL 2.07  
  Susanne Beyer GDR GDR 2.02i 2.02i
  Phyllis Bluntson USA USA    
  Tamara Bykova URS URS 2.05 1.94i
  Orlane Maria Dos Santos BRA BRA 1.86  
  Thordis Gisladóttir ISL ISL 1.90i  
  Hanne Haugland NOR NOR 1.93 1.93
  Svetlana Isaeva-Leseva BUL BUL 2.00 2.00
  Larisa Kositsyna URS URS 1.95  
  Louise Ritter USA USA 1.98i  
  Megumi Sato JPN JPN 1.95 1.95
  Christine Stanton AUS AUS 1.91




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