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1991 World Championships in Athletics Tokyo, Japan

1991 3rd IAAF World Championships - Tokyo - Men's 4 x 400m



Host City: Tokyo, Japan Format: First round (First 2 & 2 fastest to final) (Aug 31)
Dates: August 23 – September 1
Nations participating: 167
Athletes participating: 1517
    Main venue: Olympic Stadium
Overview by IAAF   tokyo olympic stadium04 
Just as the French fancied their chances in the sprint relay against the United States, so Britain hoped to cause an upset in the long relay. They and the USA were impressive heat winners, both in under three minutes. Japan found a national record of 3:01.26 insufficient for a place in the final. Both countries had rested their top runners for the final, but because of the United States’ strict selection policy, the world number one – Michael Johnson – was not included as he did not run 400m in the US trials. 236 DOHA 2019  PAST RESULTS/WORLD CHAMPS MEN’S 4x400m RELAY Britain gambled by switching individual silver medallist Black from his usual anchor position to the first leg. He gave his team an early lead, but the US went in front at halfway thanks to Watts’s 43.4, the fastest split of the race. On the third leg, Regis – the 1987 200m bronze medallist – closed the gap. This meant that the individual World Champion Pettigrew would only have a stride’s advantage over 400m hurdler Akabusi. Around the first bend, Pettigrew had to swerve to avoid a poking cameraman. The American surged at 200m, but the 32 year-old Briton followed and was able to edge ahead in the final 30m for a thrilling victory. “The guys before me did everything right;” said Akabusi. “It was the big occasion and we had to grab it.”

These are the official results of the Men's 4x400 metres event at the 1991 IAAF World Championships in Tokyo, Japan. There were a total number of sixteen participating nations, with three qualifying heats and the final held on Sunday September 1, 1991. The final was won by Great Britain in what was, at the time, the fourth fastest time in history (behind the USA team's 1988 World Record, and two other US times). Going into the meeting, the USA 4 × 400 m team hadn't lost at a major championships in over 7 years. Britain, by contrast, hadn't won a gold medal in the event since the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

The British team made a tactical change, switching their top runner Roger Black, expected to be the anchor leg runner, to the first leg. The move paid off. Black ran a 44.6 first leg, catching Andrew Valmon before the handoff. giving Derek Redmond the edge to beat Quincy Watts to the break. Both Watts and Redmond would become famous the following year, Watts for winning the Olympic gold medal in the 400 metres and Redmond for his determination, finishing his semi-final race in that same event with a torn hamstring, assisted by his father. Watts ran a 44.1 leg to catch Redmond, but it could have been faster because Watts had to pass Redmond on the outside of the turn due to the British team's superior position. Danny Everett was not able to put any distance on John Regis, even having to fend off a challenge on the final straightaway, so going into the final leg, the USA held only a small lead. Kriss Akabusi, running the anchor leg paced off of the individual 400m Champion, Antonio Pettigrew, then dramatically overtook him on the home straight to win. The USA team were so shocked by the result, that even on the medal podium, they were still in disbelief at the result. Indeed, television footage immediately after the race, showed Pettigrew stood, hands on hips, shaking his head at the outcome of the race. The result was the only time out of 8 major championships over a 12-year span that the US team failed to win gold.

  4 x 400m 1 September
1 Roger Black 44.7, Derek Redmond 44.0, John Regis 44.22, Kriss Akabusi 44.59 GBR 2.57.53
2 Andrew Valmon 44.9, Quincy Watts 43.4, Danny Everett 44.31, Antonio Pettigrew 44.93 USA 2.57.57
3 Seymour Fagan 45.9, Devon Morris 44.6, Patrick O'Connor 44.81, Winthrop Graham 44.77 JAM 3.00.10
4 Mixed nationalities: Dejan Jovkovic 46.0, Nenad Djurovic 45.1, Ismail Macev 45.18 MKD, Slobodan Brankovic 44.09 SRB YUG 3.00.32
5 Samson Kitur 46.1, Simon Kemboi 44.4, Charles Gitonga 44.87, Simon Kipkemboi 44.94 KEN 3.00.34
6 Karsten Just 46.9, Rico Lieder 43.9, Norbert Dobeleit 45.65, Jens Carlowitz 44.26 GER 3.00.75
7 Abdelali Kasbane 46.48, Ali Dahane 46.68, Bouchaïb Belkaïd 46.52, Benyounès Lahlou 44.81 MAR 3.04.49
8 Agustin Pavó 46.9, Héctor Herrera 45.3, Jorge Valentín 47.23, Lázaro Martínez 45.91 CUB 3.05.33
  Semifinals 31 August
  Heat 1
1 Jeff Reynolds 45.4, Quincy Watts 43.9, Mark Everett 44.5, Danny Everett 45.8 USA 2.59.55
2 Howard Burnett, Devon Morris 44.2, Patrick O’Connor, Seymour Fagan JAM 3.00.01
3 Klaus Just, Rico Lieder 44.2, Norbert Dobeleit, Jens Carlowitz 44.2 GER 3.00.17
4 Koichi Konakatomi, Susumu Takano 44.0, Takahiro Watanabe, Koji Ito JPN 3.01.26
5 Sami Jumah, Ismael Youssef, Masoud Rahman, Ibrahim Ismail 45.3 QAT 3.07.06
6 Luís Cumellas, Antonio Sánchez, Moises Fernández, Didac Manas ESP 3.08.39
  Heat 2
1 Abdelali Kasbane, Ali Dahane, Bouchair Belcaid, Benyounes Lahlou 44.5 MAR 3.02.11
2 Agustín Pavó, Héctor Herrera, Jorge Valentín 45.2, Lázaro Martínez CUB 3.02.29
3 Fabio Grossi, Marco Vaccari, Alessandro Aimar, Andrea Nuti 45.0 ITA 3.02.72
4 Anthony Wilson, Mark Jackson, Mike McLean, Freddie Williams 45.2 CAN 3.03.68
5 Raymundo Escalante, Eduardo Nava 45.7, Josue Morales, Luís Karín MEX 3.09.56
6 Andre Jaffory, Olivier Noirot 45.1, Stéphane Diagana, Christoph Gloris FRA DNF
  Heat 3
1 Ade Mafe 46.1, Derek Redmond 44.5, Mark Richardson 44.8, Kriss Akabusi 44.1 GBR 2.59.49
2 Dejan Jovkovic, Nenad Djurovic, Ismail Macev, Slobodan Brankovic 44.3 YUG 2.59.95
3 Samson Kitur, Simon Kemboi, Charles Gitonga 44.2, Simeon Kipkemboi KEN 3.00.21
4 Dean Capobianco, Paul Greene, Rohan Robinson, Mark Garner 44.9 AUS 3.02.42
5 Terrence Harewood, Steven Roberts, Seibert Straughn 45.7, Michael Williams BAR 3.05.63

Heat 1 31 AUG 1991 20:20

2 Japan JPN JPN 3:03.86  
3 Germany GER GER 3:03.05i 3:03.05i
4 United States USA USA 2:56.16 3:03.24i
5 Jamaica JAM JAM 3:01.08 3:09.02i
6 Spain ESP ESP 3:02.74 3:10.69i
7 Qatar QAT QAT    

Heat 2 31 AUG 1991 20:20

2 Mexico MEX MEX 3:12.98  
3 Italy ITA ITA 3:01.37 3:05.51i
4 Morocco MAR MAR 3:15.46  
5 Cuba CUB CUB 2:59.16  
6 France FRA FRA 3:03.41  
7 Canada CAN CAN 3:02.64  

Heat 3 31 AUG 1991 20:20

  Yugoslavia YUG YUG 3:03.30  
2 Barbados BAR BAR 3:01.60  
4 Great Britain & N.I. GBR GBR 2:58.22  
5 Kenya KEN KEN 2:59.64  
6 Australia AUS AUS 2:59.70 3:08.49i




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