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1997 World Championships in Athletics Athens, Greece

1997 6th IAAF World Championships - Athens - Men's 5000m



Host City: Athens, Greece Format: First round (First 5 & 5 fastest to final) (Aug 8)
Dates: August 1–10, 1997
Nations participating: 198
Athletes participating: 1882
    Main venue: Olympic Stadium
Overview by IAAF   oaka7 
The title remained in Kenyan hands even though Kirui, seeking a hattrick of victories, failed to survive his heat. With Gebrselassie opting only for the 10,000m, the overwhelming favourite was Komen whose exploits during 1997 included a Commonwealth 1500 record of 3:29.46, a Kenyan mile record of 3:46.38, a barrier-breaking world 2 miles best of 7:58.61 and a world 5000 record of 12:39.74. In Athens the early pace was very slow before first Baumann and then Nyariki pepped it up with a third kilometre covered in 2:32.12. Shortly afterwards Komen bolted ahead, running a sub-58 eighth lap and building up a big lead. He was 40m up at the bell and although the gap was narrowed considerably on the last lap by Boulami, who outkicked Nyariki for silver, Komen completed his final 3000m in 7:33.9!
 These are the official results of the Men's 5.000 metres event at the 1997 World Championships in Athens, Greece. There were a total of 38 participating athletes, with two qualifying heats and the final held on Saturday August 9, 1997.
  5000m 10 August

Event report Men 5000 metres

Daniel Komen of Kenya, the only man in history to have run two sub-4 minute miles in the same race won the World Championships gold medal at 5000m, the distance at which he briefly held the world record in 1995. Komen crossed the line in 13:07.38, comfortably ahead of Morocco’s Khalid Boulami, who was second in 13:09.34, and Kenya’s Tom Nyariki, who took the bronze in 13:11.09. Komen’s victory gives Kenya its fourth world 5000m title in a row. The race started slowly, Germany’s Dieter Baumann taking the field through 1000m in 2:43.86. With eight and a half laps to go Portugal’s Dionisio Castro spurted to the front and rapidly increased the pace, covered by Bob Kennedy of the USA, Baumann and Komen, but he did not break the field. At 2000m (5:33.03) Baumann made a move, putting in a 60.1 second lap and gaining a 5 metre gap on Nyariki. The Kenyan closed it down and then stretched the field himself, followed by Komen and Boulami. At 3000m (8:05.15) Komen took off, rapidly opening a 10 metre lead. Within 300m there was a 30 metre gap to Nyariki and Boulami, which Komen extended with 59.3 and 58.3 laps. He passed 4000m in 10:33.49 with a 40 metre lead (after a 2:28 fourth kilometre) and strode home unchallenged for the last two and a half laps. Boulami outkicked Nyariki in the home straight for the silver medal.
1 Daniel Komen KEN 17 May 76 13.07.38
2 Khalid Boulami MAR 7 Aug 69 13.09.34
3 Thomas Nyariki KEN 27 Sep 71 13.11.09
4 Ismaïl Sghyr MAR 16 Mar 72 13.17.45
5 Dieter Baumann GER 9 Feb 65 13.17.64
6 Bob Kennedy USA 18 Aug 70 13.19.45
7 El Hassan Lahssini MAR 1 Jan 75 13.20.52
8 Enrique Molina ESP 25 Feb 68 13.24.54
9 Manuel Pancorbo ESP 7 Jul 66 13.25.78
10 Fita Bayissa ETH 15 Dec 72 13.25.98
11 Abdellah Béhar FRA 5 Jul 63 13.29.10
12 Worku Bikila ETH 6 May 68 13.30.02
13 Paul Bitok KEN 26 Jun 70 13.30.25
14 Dionísio Castro POR 22 Nov 63 13.31.74
15 Pablo Olmedo MEX 8 May 75 14.05.59

Event Report Men 5000m Heats

Morocco’s Ismail Sghyr was the fastest qualifier for the men’s 5000m final on Sunday, winning the first heat in 13:19.70, just ahead of the fastest 5000m runner in the world this year, and former world record holder, Daniel Komen of Kenya. One notable name who will not be on the starting line on Sunday is Komen’s teammate, the 1993 and 1995 world 5000m champion, Ismael Kirui, who finished 9th in heat two in 13:34.52. Heat 1: New Zealand’s Jonathan Wyatt took the field through the first kilometre in 2:42.63, followed by the 1992 Olympic champion, Dieter Baumann of Germany, Paul Bitok of Kenya, Sghyr and Komen. At 2000m (5:28.40) Ethiopia’s Worku Bikila strode to the lead and picked up the pace. Sghyr took over at 3000m (8:08.65) and gradually accelerated - taking Baumann, Komen, Bitok, Spain’s Enrique Molina, Bikila and Abdellah Behar of France, 10 metres clear of the rest. At 4000m (10:47.82) Komen took the lead and a group of five broke clear before the bell and came home to take the automatic qualifying spots. Bikila and Behar qualified on time. Heat 2: Bob Kennedy of the USA led the field through 1000m in 2:46.25, some four seconds slower than the first heat. At 2000m (5:30.14) Kirui increased the pace, followed by a large group, before Morocco’s El Hassan Lahssini took over and stretched them out. At 3000m (8:07.26) there were still 10 men in contention, with Kenya’s Tom Nyariki, Kennedy and Ethiopia’s Fita Bayissa Lahssini’s closest challengers. Kirui was dropped from a leading group of eight at 4000m (10:47.22) and at the bell a group of five, including Kennedy, Nyariki, Dionisio Castro of Portugal, Lahssini and Khalid Boulami, broke clear to finish in the automatic qualifying positions.
  Heats 8 August
  Heat 1
1 Ismaïl Sghyr MAR 16 Mar 72 13.19.69
2 Dieter Baumann GER 9 Feb 65 13.19.81
3 Daniel Komen KEN 17 May 76 13.19.87
4 Enrique Molina ESP 25 Feb 68 13.22.74
5 Paul Bitok KEN 13.24.85
6 Abdellah Behar FRA 13.26.50
7 Worku Bikila ETH 13.31.18
8 Alan Culpepper USA 13.34.74
9 Anacleto Jimenez ESP 13.36.55
10 Keith Cullen GBR 13.42.40
11 Warsama Ahmed Ibrahim QAT 13.49.55
12 Sergey Drygin RUS 13.55.56
13 Jeff Schiebler CAN 13.57.31
14 Mark Carroll IRL 13.57.88
15 Robert Denmark GBR 13.58.08
16 Ali Zaied LBA 13 Jan 74 13.58.26
17 Nestor Garcia URU 14.12.15
18 Francis Munthali MAW 14.14.80
- Jonathan Wyatt NZL DNF
- Marco Condori BOL DNS
  Heat 2
1 Bob Kennedy USA 18 Aug 70 13.23.07
2 Khalid Boulami MAR 7 Aug 69 13.23.46
3 Thomas Nyariki KEN 27 Sep 71 13.23.55
4 El Hassan Lahssini MAR 1 Jan 75 13.23.75
5 Dionísio Castro POR 22 Nov 63 13.24.51
6 Manuel Pancorbo ESP 13.25.71
7 Pablo Olmedo MEX 8 May 75 13.27.65
8 Fita Bayissa ETH 13.28.54
9 Ismael Kirui KEN 13.34.52
10 Ayele Mezgebu ETH 13.38.96
11 Mustapha Essaid FRA 13.39.11
12 Panagiotis Papoulias GRE 13.58.27
13 Brian Baker USA 14.03.95
14 Adrian Passey GBR 14.07.49
15 Samuli Vasala FIN 14.10.92
16 Yohannes Ghirmai ERI 14.59.47
17 Anatola Lekade TOG 15.00.21
18 Yeli Moussa NIG 15.00.61




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