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1997 World Championships in Athletics Athens, Greece

1997 6th IAAF World Championships - Athens - Men's Pole Vault



Host City: Athens, Greece Format: Qualifying Round (5.75 or top 12 to final) (Aug 8)
Dates: August 1–10, 1997
Nations participating: 198
Athletes participating: 1882
    Main venue: Olympic Stadium
Overview by IAAF   oaka7 
Without question, Bubka was the brightest star of the 1997 championships. Here was a man who, at 33, and struggling to regain fitness after an Achilles tendon operation in December 1996, could have been excused had he come up short on this occasion. But no, instead he sailed over the greatest height ever cleared in a major international championship to become world champion for the sixth time over a 14- year span, a sequence that will probably never be matched in any event. The 5.70 he cleared in the qualifying competition was his best for the season, and after making that height at the second try in the final he coolly passed 5.80 and 5.86. With the bar at 5.91 and with Tarasov and Starkey still in contention, Bubka had to clear – or finish an ignominious seventh. At the second attempt he cleared to take the lead, followed by Tarasov (2nd attempt) and Starkey (3rd attempt). Tarasov then cleared 5.96 first time, Starkey had one failure and Bubka passed! The bar went up to 6.01: Starkey and Tarasov failed their first attempts ... Bubka, with a frighteningly intense look in his eyes, determination personified, cleared with plenty to spare. It was all over although Starkey did have one more try at 6.01, and Tarasov reserved his two remaining attempts for 6.06. It was an astonishing performance under any circumstances, but from a man who because of continuing Achilles tendon problems, had only started jogging in April and had completed only three pole vault training sessions that year, it was practically miraculous. “My participation was a big risk because pain in my Achilles tendon is still with me,” said Bubka. “It was not my best title, but it was the most difficult.”
 The final of the Men's Pole Vault event at the 1997 World Championships in Athletics was held on Sunday August 10, 1997, in Athens, Greece.


Standing records prior to the 1997 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Sergey Bubka (UKR) 6.14 m July 31, 1994 Italy Sestriere, Italy
Event Record  Sergey Bubka (UKR) 6.00 m August 19, 1993 Germany Stuttgart, Germany
Broken records during the 1997 World Athletics Championships
Event Record  Sergey Bubka (UKR) 6.01 m August 10, 1997 Greece Athens, Greece
  Pole Vault 10 August

Event Report Men Pole Vault Final

Sergey Bubka (Ukraine) made a terrific comeback to his winning ways after a disappointing injury kept him out of the Olympic final in Atlanta last year. He cleared his opening height of 5.70 on his second attempt. After that he started gambling, passing both 5.80 and 5.86, but coming back to clear 5.91 on his second attempt. The competition got off to a slow start with many big names struggling at their opening heights. The 1996 Olympic Champion, Jean Galfione of France, was unable to clear 5.70. Also Riaan Botha (South Africa), a 5.91 performer this year, did not make it over 5.70. Tim Lobinger (Germany) cleared 5.80 on his first attempt, taking the lead. Dean Starkey (USA) also cleared 5.80 on his first try, but landed in 2nd place, because of a miss from lower heights. Tarasov and Bubka both passed this height. Bubka passing again at 5.86 and Tarasov took the lead by making it on his first attempt. Starkey made it on his third, for 2nd place at that moment. Bubka took the lead by jumping 5.91 on his second attempt. Both Tarasov and Starkey cleared on their 3rd attempts. Bubka passed 5.96 and Tarasov answered with a fabulous first attempt clearance to take the lead again. Starkey failed his first attempt and then passed the others. But the master was himself again. Bubka cleared 6.01 on his first attempt taking the gold home once again. Tarasov took silver with his 5.96 and surprising Starkey won the bronze with his seasonal best of 5.91. Bubka now has won six World Championship gold medals, every pole vault crown in the history of the meet. The Ukrainian’s accomplishment may never be matched.
1 Sergey Bubka UKR 4 Dec 63 6.01
2 Maksim Tarasov RUS 2 Dec 70 5.96
3 Dean Starkey USA 27 Mar 67 5.91
4 Tim Lobinger GER 3 Sep 72 5.80
5 Nick Buckfield GBR 5 Jun 73 5.70
6 Pat Manson USA 29 Nov 67 5.70
7 Vadim Strogalyov RUS 9 Feb 75 5.70
8 Yevgeniy Smiryagin RUS 17 May 76 5.70
9 Martin Eriksson SWE 15 Jun 71 5.50
9 Danny Krasnov ISR 27 May 70 5.50
11 Trond Barthel NOR 11 Sep 70 5.50
Riaan Botha RSA 8 Nov 70 NH
Jean Galfione FRA 9 Jun 71 NH
Final 17:30 Height 550 570 580 586 591 596 601 606 615
1 Sergey Bubka UKR 6.01m - XO - - XO - O - DNF
2 Maksim Tarasov RUS 5.96m - XO - O XXO O X- XX
3 Dean Starkey USA 5.91m XO O O XXO XXO X- XX
4 Tim Lobinger GER 5.80m O O O XXX
5 Nick Buckfield GBR 5.70m O O XXX
6 Pat Manson USA 5.70m XO O XXX
7 Vadim Strogalyov RUS 5.70m O XXO XXX
8 Yevgeniy Smiryagin RUS 5.70m XO XXO XXX
9 Martin Eriksson SWE 5.50m O XXX
9 Danny Krasnov ISR 5.50m O XXX
11 Trond Barthel NOR 5.50m XO XXX
- Riaan Botha RSA NM - XXX
- Jean Galfione FRA NM - XXX

Event report men Pole Vault qualification

The world record holder, and five times world champion, Ukrainian Sergey Bubka advanced to Sunday’s final by achieving a season’s best of 5.70m. Bubka cleared that height (his first of the day) on his second attempt. Bubka finished 3rd in group A, with the same mark as the German Tim Lobinger and the Russian Maksim Tarasov, the 1997 world leader. In this group the U.S. record holder, Lawrence Johnson and the African record holder, South Africa’s Okkert Brits didn’t qualify to the final. Johnson had three fouls at 5.60m, and Brits two at 5.60m and one at 5,70m. In group B, the 1996 Olympic champion, France’s Jean Galfione, was 3rd with 5.70m, which he cleared on his 2nd attempt. Sweden’s Martin Eriksson was 1st also with 5.70m, a personal best. With the same height were Russia’s Yevgeniy Smiryagin (2nd) and Vadim Strogalyov (4th), South Africa’s Riaan Botha (5th), and American Dean Starkey (6th).
  Qualification 8 August
Group A
1 Tim Lobinger GER 5,70
1 Maksim Tarasov RUS 5,70
3 Sergey Bubka UKR 5,70
3 Nick Buckfield GBR 5,70
5 Trond Barthel NOR 5,70
6 Pat Manson USA 5,70
7 Danny Krasnov ISR 5,70
8 Juan Gabriel Concepcion Zambrano ESP 5,60
9 Alain Andji FRA 5,60
9 Andrei Tivontschik GER 5,60
11 Peter Widen SWE 5,45
12 Ilian Efremov BUL 5,45
13 Vesa Rantanen FIN 5,45
14 Andrea Giannini ITA 5,45
15 Edgardo Diaz PUR 5,45
16 Ruhan Isim TUR 5,30
- Okkert Brits RSA NM
- Lawrence Johnson USA NM
- Aleksandr Korchagin KZK NM
- Montxu Miranda ESP DNF
Group B
1 Martin Eriksson SWE 5,70
2 Yevgeniy Smiryagin RUS 5,70
3 Jean Galfione FRA 5,70
4 Vadim Strogalyov RUS 5,70
5 Riaan Botha RSA 5,70
6 Dean Starkey USA 5,70
7 Igor Potapovich KZK 5,60
8 Khalid Lachheb FRA 5,60
9 Michael Stolle GER 5,60
10 Fabio Pizzolato ITA 5,60
11 Paul Gibbons NZL 5,45
12 Laurens Looije NED 5,30
12 Vyacheslav Shuteyev UKR 5,30
- Heikki Vaaraniemi FIN NM
- Javier Garcia ESP NM
- Stavros Tsitouras GRE NM
- Martin Voss DEN NM
- Jurij Rovan SLO NM
- Dmitriy Markov BLR DNS
Group A Height 530 545 560 570
1 Tim Lobinger GER 5.70m - O O O
1 Maksim Tarasov RUS 5.70m - - - O
3 Sergey Bubka UKR 5.70m - - - XO
3 Nick Buckfield GBR 5.70m O O O XO
5 Trond Barthel NOR 5.70m - XO XO XO
6 Pat Manson USA 5.70m - O O XXO
7 Danny Krasnov ISR 5.70m - XO O XXO
8 Juan Gabriel Concepcion Zambrano ESP 5.60m O XXX
9 Alain Andji FRA 5.60m - O XXO XXX
9 Andrei Tivontschik GER 5.60m - - XXO XXX
11 Peter Widen SWE 5.45m - O XXX
12 Ilian Efremov BUL 5.45m XXO O XXX
13 Vesa Rantanen FIN 5.45m O XO XXX
14 Andrea Giannini ITA 5.45m XO XO XXX
15 Edgardo Diaz PUR 5.45m O XXO XXX
16 Ruhan Isim TUR 5.30m XXO XXX
- Okkert Brits RSA NM - - XX- X
- Lawrence Johnson USA NM - - XXX
- Aleksandr Korchagin KZK NM XXX
- Montxu Miranda ESP DNF
Group B Height 530 545 560 570
1 Martin Eriksson SWE 5.70m O
2 Yevgeniy Smiryagin RUS 5.70m XO O XXO O
3 Jean Galfione FRA 5.70m - XO - XO
4 Vadim Strogalyov RUS 5.70m - XXO O XO
5 Riaan Botha RSA 5.70m - - O XXO
6 Dean Starkey USA 5.70m - XO XO XXO
7 Igor Potapovich KZK 5.60m - - O XXX
8 Khalid Lachheb FRA 5.60m XO O XO XXX
9 Michael Stolle GER 5.60m O O XXO XXX
10 Fabio Pizzolato ITA 5.60m XXO O XXO XXX
11 Paul Gibbons NZL 5.45m O XO XXX
12 Laurens Looije NED 5.30m O XXX
12 Vyacheslav Shuteyev UKR 5.30m O XXX
- Heikki Vaaraniemi FIN NM - XXX
- Javier Garcia ESP NM - XXX
- Stavros Tsitouras GRE NM - XXX
- Martin Voss DEN NM XXX
- Jurij Rovan SLO NM XXX
- Dmitriy Markov BLR DNS

Group A 08 AUG 1997 17:30 

1 Ruhan Isim TUR TUR 5.50  
2 Iliyan Efremov BUL BUL 4.80  
3 Andrea Giannini ITA ITA 5.65 5.65
4 Tim Lobinger GER GER 5.96 5.96
5 Lawrence Johnson USA USA 5.98 5.85i
6 Maksim Tarasov RUS RUS 6.00 6.00
7 Juan Gabriel Concepción ESP ESP 5.70  
8 Sergey Bubka UKR UKR 6.15i 5.60
9 Aleksandr Korchagin KAZ KAZ 5.20  
10 Nick Buckfield GBR GBR 5.70 5.60
11 Peter Widén SWE SWE 5.75  
12 Andrei Tivontschik GER GER 5.95 5.82i
13 Vesa Rantanen FIN FIN    
14 Montxu Miranda ESP ESP 5.65i 5.65i
15 Pat Manson USA USA 5.85 5.80
16 Danny Krasnov ISR ISR 5.75  
17 Trond Barthel NOR NOR 5.72 5.65i
18 Edgardo Díaz PUR PUR 5.52 5.30i
19 Okkert Brits RSA RSA 6.03 5.92
20 Alain Andji FRA FRA 5.85 5.85

Group B 08 AUG 1997 17:30 

1 Riaan Botha RSA RSA 5.91 5.91
2 Laurens Looije NED NED 5.50 5.50
3 Vadim Strogalev RUS RUS 5.80i 5.80i
4 Heikki Vääräniemi FIN FIN 5.77 5.70
5 Dmitri Markov BLR BLR 5.86 5.85
6 Jean Galfione FRA FRA 5.94 5.80
7 Igor Potapovich KAZ KAZ 5.92 5.90i
8 Paul Gibbons NZL NZL 5.51 5.51
9 Yevgeniy Smiryagin RUS RUS 5.85 5.85
10 Martin Eriksson SWE SWE 5.70i 5.55i
11 Dean Starkey USA USA 5.92 5.80
12 Vyacheslav Shuteyev UKR UKR    
13 Michael Stolle GER GER 5.71i 5.70i
14 Javier García ESP ESP 5.77i 5.70i
15 Martin Voss DEN DEN 5.72i 5.70
16 Fabio Pizzolato ITA ITA 5.75 5.75
17 Jurij Rovan SLO SLO 5.38i 5.38i
18 Khalid Lachheb FRA FRA 5.70 5.70
19 Stávros Tsítouras GRE GRE 5.60 5.60




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