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2001 World Championships in Athletics Edmonton, Canada

2001 8th IAAF World Championships - Edmonton - Women's 10,000m



Host City: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Dates: August 3–12, 2001
Nations participating: 189
Athletes participating: 1677
    Main venue: Commonwealth Stadium
The pace was not quick and halfway was reached with Belkacem in front in 16:28.89. The pack did not begin to dwindle until the 20th lap, and all eyes were on 1999 silver medallist Radcliffe and three Ethiopians – defending champion Wami, Olympic Champion Tulu and the experienced Adere. Radcliffe ran from the front in Seville and Sydney (where she was fourth). In Edmonton she waited until four laps from home to make her bid for victory. She covered the 23rd lap in 68.77 but one lap later – at the bell – the Ethiopian trio all went past her. Tulu proved to be the best of the Ethiopians, but only just. She and Adere sprinted side by side until the finish, where Tulu was just 0.04 ahead. Meanwhile Radcliffe was battling with Wami for the bronze but she fell 0.08 short of preventing an Ethiopian sweep. Cruelly for the British runner, the scoreboard initially and wrongly showed her and not Wami in third place.
 The women's 10,000 metres event featured at the 2001 World Championships in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There were a total number of 24 participating athletes, with the final being held on 7 August 2001.
  10,000m 7 August
Women's 10,000m final-10 000 m f. finale
Olympic champion Derartu TULU added a World Championship gold medal to her collection tonight as she led home an Ethiopian clean sweep of the medals in the women's 10,000m after a thrilling climax to a largely slow and cautious final.
The times weren't fast - TULU crossed the line in 31:48.81 - but the scramble for the medals over the last lap was nail biting stuff, ending in two virtual photo finishes. TULU outsprinted her teammate Berhane ADERE in a battle for the gold, while 10 metres behind them 1999 world champion Gete WAMI was fighting stride for stride with Britain's world cross country champion Paula RADCLIFFE. ADERE was deprrived of the gold by a mere four hundredths of a second, while WAMI, finishing in 31:49.98, was only eight hundredths ahead of the Briton.
In the last two global finals, RADCLIFFE had taken off at the start and led for the entire race at blistering speed, attempting to run the finish out her Ethiopian rivals. It hadn't worked, as RADCLIFFE lost the world gold medal to WAMI in 1999, and was fourth in the Sydney Olympics last year. Many were expecting her to use the same tactic here, but it soon became clear that the Briton had other ideas.
The race started at a pedestrian pace with France's Yamna BELKACEM at the front of the huge pack of 24 runners. They ran the first kilometre in 3:22.44, with TULU in second, Russia's Lyudmila PETROVA in third, and the entire field bunched behind them. The race continued virtually unchanged, and at the same 33-minute pace, for the next four kilometres. At this stage RADCLIFFE was content to canter along in the centre of the pack, though WAMI was never more than a stride away.
They passed half way in 16:29.89, running 3:16 to 3:18 kilometres, 78 to 79 second laps. The pace quickened slightly in the sixth kilometre, run in 3:12 and shortly afterwards WAMI moved to the front, followed by ADERE. RADCLIFFE moved up to fifth, covering their every move, although none were decisive.
ADERE took the lead with eight laps to go and RADCLIFFE shifted to third, but there was still a huge group behind them. With six laps to go BELKACEM came back to the front, and this time she increased the pace. PETROVA was second, WAMI third and RADCLIFFE fourth. The field was at last beginning to spread out but 12 athletes were still in contention.
It was the same with four to go, until half a lap later RADCLIFFE strode to the front. It was a kick for home, but it never looked likely to shake the comfortable Ethiopians. With three laps left RADCLIFFE kicked again. ADERE followed, with WAMI in third and TULU fourth, all looking easy. These four were now clear and, although the Briton continued to apply the pressure it was having no effect.
TULE made her move at the bell, followed by ADERE. WAMI passed RADCLIFFE and these two lost contact with the leaders. But RADCLIFFE wasn't beaten yet and fought back into bronze medal position around the final bend. Her finishing speed has clearly improved, but WAMI was still too strong in the straight, just as TULU was for ADERE over the last desperate strides.
Between them they produced the first ever Ethiopian medal sweep in World Championships or Olympic Games history, delighting the large group of flag-waving Ethiopian fans who were gathered at the far bend of the track.
The second half of the race was run in 15:18, more than a minute faster than the first. The Olympic champion, also an Olympic silver medallist in 1992, proved she has lost none of her pace, despite training to run marathons next year.
1 Derartu Tulu ETH 21 Mar 72 31.48.81
2 Berhane Adere ETH 21 Jul 73 31.48.85
3 Gete Wami ETH 11 Dec 74 31.49.98
4 Paula Radcliffe GBR 17 Dec 73 31.50.06
5 Mihaela Prundus ROU 21 Nov 76 32.03.46
6 Lyudmila Petrova RUS 7 Oct 68 32.04.94
7 Asmae Leghzaoui MAR 30 Aug 76 32.06.35
8 Yamna Oubouhou FRA 20 Feb 74 32.09.21
9 Haruko Okamoto JPN 19 Aug 74 32.14.56
10 Lyudmila Biktasheva RUS 25 Jul 74 32.18.64
11 Deena Kastor USA 14 Feb 73 32.18.65
12 Olivera Jevtić YUG 24 Jul 77 32.19.44
13 Mizuki Noguchi JPN 3 Jul 78 32.19.94
14 Aster Demissie ETH 83 32.25.81
15 Teresa Recio ESP 7 Jul 63 32.30.56
16 Hrisostomía Iakóvou GRE 9 Apr 71 32.31.46
17 Nataliya Berkut UKR 30 May 75 32.32.68
18 Gunhild Haugen NOR 1 Jun 72 32.33.72
19 Mari Ozaki JPN 16 Jul 75 32.39.17
20 Tina Connelly CAN 16 Aug 70 33.00.37
21 Ana Dias POR 15 Jan 74 33.03.78
22 Jen Rhines USA 1 Jul 74 33.11.22
23 Inga Juodeškienė LTU 21 Oct 71 33.11.60
24 María Paredes ECU 13 Oct 79 35.44.52

07 AUG 2001 21:05 

1 588 Gunhild Halle-Haugen NOR NOR 31:47.89  
2 311 Paula Radcliffe GBR GBR 30:26.97 30:55.80
3 696 Lyudmila Petrova RUS RUS 31:52.75 32:10.0
4 241 Gete Wami ETH ETH 30:22.48  
5 200 María Paredes ECU ECU 36:51.0  
6 843 Jennifer Rhines USA USA 31:58.34 32:20.03
7 219 Teresa Recio ESP ESP 31:43.80 32:29.11
8 637 Mihaela Maria Prundus ROU ROU 31:45.06 31:45.06
9 476 Mizuki Noguchi JPN JPN 31:51.13 31:51.13
10 259 Yamna Oubouhou FRA FRA 32:05.98 32:05.98
11 667 Lyudmila Biktasheva RUS RUS 31:30.6 31:30.6
12 232 Aster Demissie ETH ETH 31:57.49 31:57.49
13 793 Nataliya Berkut UKR UKR 31:22.76 31:22.76
14 480 Mari Ozaki JPN JPN 31:50.56 31:50.56
15 230 Berhane Adere ETH ETH 30:51.30 31:32.70
16 109 Tina Connelly CAN CAN 32:21.27 32:32.52
17 477 Haruko Okamoto JPN JPN 31:50.39 31:50.39
18 240 Derartu Tulu ETH ETH 30:17.49  
19 817 Deena Kastor USA USA 31:51.05 32:05.14
20 876 Olivera Jevtic SCG SCG 31:29.65  
21 525 Inga Juodeškiené LTU LTU    
22 365 Hrisostomía Iakóvou GRE GRE 32:34.87  
23 621 Ana Dias POR POR 31:39.52 32:20.48
24 539 Asmae Leghzaoui MAR MAR 31:59.21




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