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2001 World Championships in Athletics Edmonton, Canada

2001 8th IAAF World Championships - Edmonton - Women's Pole Vault



Host City: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Format: Qualifying Round (4.40 or top 12 to final) (Aug 4)
Dates: August 3–12, 2001
Nations participating: 189
Athletes participating: 1677
    Main venue: Commonwealth Stadium
It was the greatest women’s pole vault contest ever, despite equipment failures, officiating errors, interruptions due to medal ceremonies and unhelpful weather conditions with the sun in the face of the vaulters. Eight women were left in to attempt 4.50, but initially the bar had been set accidentally to 4.55. When it came to 4.55, the mechanism setting the depth of the crossbar had failed, meaning that the left side of the bar was progressively placed one centimetre too far each time it was returned. Once these problems were noticed, all failures which they may have caused were annulled and further attempts were allowed if necessary. Four were in at 4.60, and three of those (Dragila, Feofanova and Pyrek) cleared first time. Grigorieva made it on her second attempt, so when she and Pyrek went out at 4.60, she wound up fourth. Defending champion Dragila and Feofanova made 4.60 first time, and it was not until 4.65 that either failed. The American then went ahead by clearing on her second attempt while the Russian needed three goes. At 4.70 and 4.75 their perfect vaulting continued, with first-time successes for both.
 The bar then went up to the world record height of 4.82. A world record would have earned a $100,000 bonus, but after four hours of competition in the hot sunshine, it was not to be. Neither woman came particularly close. “Had the wind been more favourable, both of us could have broken the world record,” said Feofanova after she and Dragila had taken a shared lap of honour.
 The official results of the Women's Pole Vault event at the 2001 World Championships in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, held on Monday August 6, 2001. There were a total number of 27 competitors.


Standing records prior to the 2001 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Stacy Dragila (USA) 4.81 m June 9, 2001 United States Palo Alto, United States
Event Record  Stacy Dragila (USA) 4.60 m August 21, 1999 Spain Seville, Spain
Broken records during the 2001 World Athletics Championships
Event Record  Stacy Dragila (USA) 4.65 m August 6, 2001 Canada Edmonton, Canada
Event Record  Stacy Dragila (USA) 4.70 m August 6, 2001 Canada Edmonton, Canada
Event Record  Svetlana Feofanova (RUS) 4.75 m August 6, 2001 Canada Edmonton, Canada
Event Record  Stacy Dragila (USA) 4.75 m August 6, 2001 Canada Edmonton, Canada
  Pole Vault 6 August
Women's Pole Vault Final
After an epic four hour struggle, just one missed attempt at 4.65m was the only thing that could separate the gold medallist Stacy DRAGILA (USA) from silver medallist Svetlana FEOFANOVA of Russia.
The final began to take shape at 4.35m, when Germany's Caroline HINGST, Austria's Doris AUER and Mary SAUER of USA all ended their competitions. British record holder Janine WHITLOCK had a very close clearance, scraping through on her third attempt. WHITLOCK was not that fortunate attempting 4.45m, however, which would have been a new British record.
At this height Olympic champion DRAGILA went clear first time, as did European record holder FEOFANOVA. Also clearing 4.45m at the first attempt was Iceland's Thorey Edda ELISDOTTIR (for whom it was a personal best) and China's Shuying GAO (for whom it was an Asian record). Poland's European under 23 champion Monika PYREK and Germany's Yvonne BUSCHBAUM (with a personal best) cleared on the second try, while Australia's Olympic silver medallist Tatiana GRIGORIEVA and the Czech World and European Indoor champion Pavla HAMACKOVA needed all their efforts to get over the height.
If 4.35m had sorted out the 'best from the rest', then it was at 4.50m that the serious medal contenders made themselves known. Both principal players, DRAGILA and FEOFANOVA, had the confidence to pass while GAO set another Asian record with a first-time clearance. PYREK took two attempts but ELISDOTTIR, BUSCHBAUM and HAMACKOVA all failed.
At 4.55m there were major troubles for all the competitors, but unfortunately it had nothing to do with how they performed. PYREK cleared first time, DRAGILA and FEOFANOVA with their second attempts, and GRIGORIEVA with her third. GAO appeared to be out after three failures. But then the competition was stopped dramatically because it was discovered that the uprights had been positioned incorrectly for everybody's first attempt. They were set at 4.55m but they had moved laterally a few centimetres.
All the first time failures at this height were deleted, so PYREK, who had been in first place due to her first time clearance, moved back to third place when DRAGILA and FEOFANOVA cleared first time on the re-jump. GRIGORIEVA went clear too (a new personal best) on her second attempt but GAO could not make her extra effort count and went out for a second time.
At 4.60m Olympic silver medallist GRIGORIEVA went out of the battle, as did Polish record holder PYREK, who took the bronze medal. DRAGILA and FEOFANOVA cleared first time to jointly equal the championship record, established by the American in Seville two years ago.
The remaining two jumpers had exactly the same jumping record until 4.65m when DRAGILA went clear on her second attempt, with FEOFANOVA needing a third try. DRAGILA then cleared first time at 4.70m, equal to FEOFANOVA's European record. But the Russian was not beaten yet and she too sailed clear at the first attempt.
Relief was short for FEOFANOVA, though, as DRAGILA immediately responded by clearing 4.75m with ease. To huge applause the Russian rose once more to the challenge and established a new European record of 4.75m, another world championship record for both women.
The bar was now placed at a new world record height of 4.82m, one centimetre higher than the mark that DRAGILA had established in Palo Alto earlier this year. Today's competition had now been running for over three and half hours and both women, understandably very tired, failed all their attempts, none of them close.
So DRAGILA retained the world title she won when women's pole vault was first added to the world champinship schedule in Seville. This competition was the first in which five women were still jumping at 4.55m. It was also the first time that two women had vaulted 4.65m or higher.
1 Stacy Dragila USA 25 Mar 71 4.75
2 Svetlana Feofanova RUS 16 Jul 80 4.75
3 Monika Pyrek POL 11 Aug 80 4.55
4 Tatiana Grigorieva AUS 8 Oct 75 4.55
5 Gao Shuying CHN 28 Oct 79 4.50
6 Thórey Edda Elísdóttir ISL 30 Jun 77 4.45
7 Yvonne Buschbaum GER 14 Jul 80 4.45
8 Pavla Rybová CZE 20 May 78 4.45
9 Janine Whitlock GBR 11 Aug 73 4.35
10 Carolin Hingst GER 18 Sep 80 4.25
11 Doris Auer AUT 10 May 71 4.25
12 Mary Vincent USA 31 Oct 75 4.25
Final 14.30h Team Height 410 425 435 445 450 455 460 465 470 475 482
1 Stacy Dragila USA 4.75m - - O O - O O XO O O XXX
2 Svetlana Feofanova RUS 4.75m - - O O - O O XXO O O XXX
3 Monika Pyrek POL 4.55m - O O XO XO O XXX
4 Tatiana Grigorieva AUS 4.55m O O XO XXO - XO XXX
5 Shuying Gao CHN 4.50m O O O O O XXX
6 Thorey Edda Elisdottir ISL 4.45m XO XO XO O XXX
7 Yvonne Buschbaum GER 4.45m - XXO O XO XXX
8 Pavla Hamackova CZE 4.45m O O O XXO XXX
9 Janine Whitlock GBR 4.35m XO O XXO XXX
10 Caroline Hingst GER 4.25m O O XXX
11 Doris Auer AUT 4.25m - XO XXX
12 Mary Sauer USA 4.25m O XXO XXX
Women's pole vault qualifying - Saut perche f.
American Stacey DRAGILA and Russia's Svetlana FEOFANOVA appear headed for another head-to-head battle in the women's pole vault.
DRAGILA, who owns an amazing 15 indoor and outdoor women's pole vault records, needed just two jumps to qualify for the finals on Monday. DRAGILA entered at 4.25, and was successful with just one jump. She easily cleared the bar at 4.35 on her first attempt as well.
FEOFANOVA, competing in Group 'A', duplicated DRAGILA'S two jumps, advancing easily to the final. The American and the Russian finished 1-2 respectively in Stockholm and London meets earlier this year, setting up another showdown in Edmonton.
It took only four rounds to reduce the field to the 12 best. Included in that number are Olympic silver medalist Tatiana GRIGORIEVA, the Russian-born aspiring model now jumping for Australia; Monika PYREK (POL), fresh off a first place finish in the Francophone Games; American Mary SAUER; Carolin HINGST (GER); Thorey Edda ELISDOTTIR (ISL), who cleared 4.35, just a hair away from her personal best 4.37; Doris AUER (AUT), who took three attempts at 4.25 and 4.35; Shuying GOA (CHN), who cleared the bar on her first attempt at all four levels; Pavla HAMACKOVA (CZE), the reigning world and European indoor champion; and Yvonne BUSCHBAUM (GER). Jenine WHITLOCK (GBR) secured the final spot with a dramatic third and final attempt. WHITLOCK let out a yell as her arms barely cleared the bar on the last jump of the day.
Reigning European champion Anzhela BALAKHONOVA (UKR) suffered another disappointing meet, failing to beat 4.35. BALAKHONOVA picked up a silver at Seville in 1999.
Stephanie MCCANN (CAN) gave the home-town crowd something to cheer as she cleared 4.25 on her third attempt, which was a pb and Canadian record. She failed to clear at 4.35.
  Qualification 4 August
Janine Whitlock GBR 11 Aug 73 4.35 q
Carolin Hingst GER 18 Sep 80 4.35 q
Mary Vincent USA 31 Oct 75 4.35 q
Monika Pyrek POL 11 Aug 80 4.35 q
Svetlana Feofanova RUS 16 Jul 80 4.35 q
Doris Auer AUT 10 May 71 4.35 q
Thórey Edda Elísdóttir ISL 30 Jun 77 4.35 q
Yvonne Buschbaum GER 14 Jul 80 4.35 q
Pavla Rybová CZE 20 May 78 4.35 q
Tatiana Grigorieva AUS 8 Oct 75 4.35 q
Stacy Dragila USA 25 Mar 71 4.35 q
Gao Shuying CHN 28 Oct 79 4.35 q
Alejandra García ARG 13 Jun 73 4.25
Stephanie McCann CAN 22 Apr 77 4.25
Jenni Dryburgh NZL 30 Aug 78 4.25
Tania Stefanova BUL 8 Mar 72 4.25
Monique de Wilt NED 21 Mar 76 4.25
Anzhela Balahonova UKR 18 Dec 72 4.25
Krisztina Molnár HUN 8 Apr 76 4.25
Marie Bagger Bohn DEN 1 Nov 72 4.25
Annika Becker GER 12 Nov 81 4.25
Vala Flosadóttir ISL 16 Feb 78 4.15
Hanna-Mia Persson SWE 11 Feb 78 4.15
Mari Mar Sánchez ESP 25 Dec 79 4.00
Tracy O'Hara USA 20 Jul 80 NH
Deborah Gyurcsek URU 7 Dec 78 NH
Alicia Warlick USA 11 Oct 77 NH
Group A Team Height 400 415 425 435
1 Svetlana Feofanova RUS 4.35m - - O O
1 Monika Pyrek POL 4.35m - O O O
3 Mary Sauer USA 4.35m O O XO O
4 Caroline Hingst GER 4.35m O O XXO XO
5 Janine Whitlock GBR 4.35m O O XXO XXO
6 Anzhela Balakhonova UKR 4.25m - - O XXX
7 Monique de Wilt NED 4.25m O XO O XXX
8 Tanya Koleva BUL 4.25m O XO XO XXX
9 Jenny Dryburgh NZL 4.25m XO XXO XO XXX
10 Stephanie McCann CAN 4.25m XO O XXO XXX
11 Alejandra Garcia ARG 4.25m O XXO XXO XXX
12 Vala Flosadottir ISL 4.15m O XO
- Deborah Gyurcsek URU NM XXX
- Tracy O'Hara USA NM
Group B Team Height 400 415 425 435
1 Shuying Gao CHN 4.35m O O O O
1 Stacy Dragila USA 4.35m - - O O
3 Tatiana Grigorieva AUS 4.35m - O XO O
4 Pavla Hamackova CZE 4.35m O O XO XO
4 Yvonne Buschbaum GER 4.35m - XO O XO
6 Thorey Edda Elisdottir ISL 4.35m O XO XXO XO
7 Doris Auer AUT 4.35m - O XXO XXO
8 Annika Becker GER 4.25m O O O XXX
8 Marie Bagger Rasmussen DEN 4.25m O O O XXX
10 Krisztina Molnar HUN 4.25m XO XO XO XXX
11 Hanna-Mia Persson SWE 4.15m XO XO XXX
12 Mari Mar Sanchez ESP 4.00m O XXX
- Alicia Warlick USA NM - XXX

Group A 04 AUG 2001 08:45 

1 803 Déborah Gyurcsek URU URU 4.23  
2 593 Jenny Dryburgh NZL NZL 4.35 4.35
3 121 Stephanie McCann CAN CAN 4.21 4.21
4 792 Anzhela Balakhonova UKR UKR 4.56 4.52
5 570 Monique de Wilt NED NED 4.35 4.35
6 839 Tracy O'Hara USA USA 4.45 4.42
7 416 Vala Flosadóttir ISL ISL 4.50 4.22
8 339 Carolin Hingst GER GER 4.50 4.50
9 14 Alejandra García ARG ARG 4.42 4.20
10 86 Tanya Stefanova BUL BUL 4.43 4.43
11 847 Mary Sauer Vincent USA USA 4.61 4.61
12 670 Svetlana Feofanova RUS RUS 4.70 4.70
13 613 Monika Pyrek POL POL 4.61 4.61
14 315 Janine Whitlock GBR GBR 4.40 4.40

Group B 04 AUG 2001 08:45 

1 415 Thórey Edda Elisdóttir ISL ISL 4.51i 4.51i
2 34 Doris Auer AUT AUT 4.44i 4.44i
3 133 Shuying Gao CHN CHN 4.42 4.42
4 764 Hanna-Mia Persson SWE SWE 4.21 4.21
5 320 Annika Becker GER GER 4.55 4.55
6 221 Mari Mar Sánchez ESP ESP 4.31 4.31
7 860 Alicia Warlick USA USA 4.50 4.50
8 188 Pavla Rybová CZE CZE 4.56i 4.56i
9 23 Tatiana Grigorieva AUS AUS 4.55 4.47
10 196 Marie Bagger Bohn DEN DEN 4.35 4.21
11 394 Krisztina Molnár HUN HUN 4.41 4.41
12 323 Yvonne Buschbaum GER GER 4.45 4.40
13 816 Stacy Dragila USA USA 4.81 4.81




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