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2003 World Championships in Athletics Paris, France

2003 9th IAAF World Championships - Paris - Women's 10,000m



Host City: Saint-Denis, Paris, France
Dates: 23 August – 31 August
Nations participating: 198
Athletes participating: 1679
    Main venue: Stade de France
Overview by IAAF   Paris Saint Denis stadium 
It was a pity that European record holder Paula Radcliffe withdrew from the championships feeling unprepared after illness and injury. Yet the woman athlete of 2002 was hardly missed from the greatest ever women’s 10,000m race. Right from the start it was quick, the first kilometre reached in 2:59.62. By the second kilometre Sun was ahead. The Chinese was an interesting sight, running with arms dangling at her side except at the end of each lap when she pressed a button on her wristwatch. She produced a 69.6 circuit to 2400m and the field was strung out behind her. She continued to 3000m in 8:59.93 (2:56.52 kilometre), then 4000m in 12:00.16. Only four women stayed in touch: four Ethiopians and Kiplagat, a Kenyan who had recently become a Dutch citizen. Kiplagat took over from Sun as they went through halfway in 15:06.53. Shortly after 5000m, the 2001 champion Tulu dropped out. She had apparently been suffering from food poisoning. That fifth kilometre had taken 3:06.37 (the slowest of the race). Kiplagat picked up the pace again but could not shake off Adere, Kidane or Sun.
 Then with 700m left the valiant Sun surged again, covering the penultimate lap in 68.55. She did not drop the other three, but one wondered if anyone would produce a finishing kick after such a harsh pace. The answer “yes” came on the backstraight of the last lap when Adere raced ahead. She won clearly with a new African record, having covered the last 200m in 29.9. Records tumbled in this race which saw the fastest ever times for places 2-16. In seventh place Xing Huina broke the world junior record.
The women's 10,000 metres event featured at the 2003 World Championships in Paris, France. The final was held on 23 August 2003.

Almost 10 years before this race, Wang Junxia had set the world record out to a remarkable 29:31.78 at the 1993 National Games of China. For the next 9 years, second place in that race in Beijing, Zhong Huandi had also been the second best 10,000m ever run by a woman 30:13.37 (more than half a lap behind Wang). One year before this race, Paula Radcliffe finally improved on second place, her 30:01.09 got within 30 seconds of the world record, showing women the record was not impossible. Radcliffe was not in this race, having set the world record in the Marathon 4 months earlier as well as the 10K road world record two months before that. Missing those two, this race only became the greatest women's 10,000m in history.

Anikó Kálovics started off fast, running a 2:59.62 first 1K. Then Sun Yingjie took the point, her awkward running form taking the crowd through 4K in 12:00.16. Kenyan ex-pat Lornah Kiplagat running for The Netherlands then took over the lead, 15:06.53 to the halfway point and the next kilometer just barely over 3 minutes to take the 5 leaders to 6K in 18:07.25. During the next kilo, the defending champion and two time Olympic champion Derartu Tulu dropped out. Only Sun, Kiplagat and two Ethiopians; Werknesh Kidane and Berhane Adere remained all taking their turn trying to take the lead, the group reaching 9K in 27:14.06. On the penultimate lap, Sun dropped a 68 to put herself in front. On the final backstretch, Adere moved onto Sun's shoulder to pounce for the lead. Sun accelerated with the challenge, but Adere went by in a different gear, running away to the gold medal. Kiplagat couldn't stay with the others battling for the lead, but Kidane didn't let Sun get away, the two sprinting down the home and dipping at the finish line. The photo finish revealed that Kidane had beaten Sun by .05 of a second after 10,000 metres.

When the dust had settled, Adere had the #3 best time in history, Kidane #4, Sun #5 and Kiplagat #6. Even Alla Zhilyaeva, who was not really in contention in a distant 5th place, had run the #12 time in history. In 7th place Xing Huina set the world junior record 30:31.55.
  10,000m 23 August

Women 10,000m Final

Ethiopia got the first gold medal in the women’s events at the IAAF World Championships in Paris, as Berhane ADERE sprinted to gold in the 10,000m. Adere, the world indoor champion at 3000m, finally got her gold medal after being out sprinted by compatriot Derartu TULU in Edmonton.

Although the winning country was widely expected, the race was nothing if not exceptional. The runners started at a really fast pace, with Aniko KALOVICS(HUN) leading them through the first kilometre in 2:59.62. It was already clear that only a few would stand such a pace. It was the double Asian Games champion from last year, SUN Yingjie (CHN), who took the lead after two kilometres, and a 30-minute pace continued until 4000m, when Sun moved aside letting the Africans take over.

At this point there were only six runners left in the pack, four Ethiopians, with Sun and Lornah KIPLAGAT, who got the right to represent the Netherlands just before the competition. Kiplagat passed halfway in 15:06.53 and then nothing really happened until after the 7000m mark.

With the pace getting faster Tulu was forced to give up and step off the track. Another Ethiopian, Ejagayehu DIBABA was soon dropped from the leading group too and the four remaining runners continued with interesting tactics. Sun got to the front again after 7500m and from there on the pace was nothing but even, as every now and then some accelerated and then again slowed down. Even with such eratic running, they passed 8000m in 24:11.02 and 9000m in 27:14.06, so the final time was always going to be close to the half hour mark.

In the end it came down to a sprint finish, although Sun accelerated as early as 720 metres from the line. This move achieved nothing and all runners were still packed tightly together at the start of the last lap. Finally Adere made her famous kick with some 280 metres left and immediately Kiplagat was dropped with Sun and Werknesh KIDANE (ETH) giving chaase. In the end the win was clear for Adere with Kidane dipping in front of Sun at the finish line.

Final time for Adere, 30:04.18, is third in the world all-time list, right behind Paula RADCLIFFE (GBR). In this extraordinary race, the best women’s 10,000m of all-time, the first 15 athletes produced seasons bests. Kidane, with 30:07.15 in second and Sun, 30:07.20 in third place, moved to places four and five on the all-time list respectively. The time of Lornah Kiplagat in fourth place, 30:12.53, a Netherlands national record, would have been enough to occupy third place on the world all-time list before this race, but was still not enough for a medal here.

A total of eight runners went under 30:40 with all kinds of records broken. In fifth place was Alla ZHILYAYEVA (RUS) who bettered the three-week-old national record to 30:23.07, with Galina BOGOMOLOVA, also of Russia, sixth in 30:26.20. The 19 year-old Chinese XING Huina broke the world junior record in seventh place, running 30:31.55, and Benita JOHNSON (AUS) recorded a new Oceanian record with 30:37.68.

1 Berhane Adere ETH 21 Jul 73 30.04.18 AR
2 Worknesh Kidane ETH 21 Nov 81 30.07.15  
3 Sun Yingjie CHN 3 Oct 77 30.07.20  
4 Lornah Kiplagat NED 1 May 74 30.12.53 NR
5 Alla Zhilyayeva RUS 5 Feb 69 30.23.07 NR
6 Galina Bogomolova RUS 15 Oct 77 30.26.20  
7 Xing Huina CHN 25 Feb 84 30.31.55 AU20R WJR
8 Benita Willis AUS 6 May 79 30.37.68 NR
9 Ejegayehu Dibaba ETH 21 Mar 82 31.01.07  
10 Jeļena Prokopčuka LAT 21 Sep 76 31.06.14  
11 Kayoko Fukushi JPN 25 Mar 82 31.10.57  
12 Deena Kastor USA 14 Feb 73 31.17.86  
13 Mihaela Prundus ROU 21 Nov 76 31.28.72  
14 Yoko Shibui JPN 14 Mar 79 31.42.01  
15 Megumi Oshima JPN 4 Sep 75 31.47.00  
16 Lidiya Grigoryeva RUS 21 Jan 74 31.49.41  
17 Elva Dryer USA 26 Sep 71 31.59.81  
18 Helena Javornik SLO 26 Mar 66 32.01.57  
19 Salina Kosgei KEN 16 Nov 76 32.09.15  
20 Anikó Kálovics HUN 13 May 77 32.15.96  
21 Sonja Stolić SCG 21 Apr 80 33.08.87  
22 Nataliya Berkut UKR 30 May 75 33.12.84  
23 Yesenia Centeno ESP 27 Jun 71 33.32.50  
Fernanda Ribeiro POR 23 Jun 69 DNF  
Sabrina Mockenhaupt GER 6 Dec 80 DNF  
Derartu Tulu ETH 21 Mar 72 DNF  
Adriana Fernández MEX 4 Apr 71 DNF  
Marie Davenport IRL 24 Jan 75 DNF  

23 AUG 2003 20:15

1 542 Marie Davenport-Mcmahon IRL IRL 31:59.29  
2 1086 Nataliya Berkut UKR UKR 31:22.76 32:50.77
3 179 Huina Xing CHN CHN 31:42.58 33:12.05
4 998 Helena Javornik SLO SLO 31:56.90 31:56.90
5 633 Yoko Shibui JPN JPN 30:48.89 32:15.88
6 291 Yesenia Centeno ESP ESP 31:49.58 31:49.58
7 764 Lornah Kiplagat NED NED 31:14.28 31:14.28
8 1124 Deena Kastor USA USA 30:50.32 31:28.97
9 653 Salina Jebet Kosgei KEN KEN 31:27.83 32:51.4
10 316 Berhane Adere ETH ETH 30:51.30 31:15.95
11 871 Mihaela Maria Prundus ROU ROU 31:13.96  
12 901 Galina Bogomolova RUS RUS 30:46.48 30:46.48
13 452 Sabrina Mockenhaupt GER GER 32:08.52 32:11.95
14 1125 Elva Dryer USA USA 31:26.88 31:26.88
15 976 Sonja Stolic SCG SCG 32:00.55  
16 851 Fernanda Ribeiro POR POR 30:22.88 31:13.42
17 617 Kayoko Fukushi JPN JPN 30:51.81 31:47.15
18 325 Werknesh Kidane ETH ETH 30:41.40 30:41.40
19 960 Alla Zhilyaeva RUS RUS 30:57.14 30:57.14
20 676 Jelena Prokopcuka LAT LAT 31:17.72 32:49.3
21 45 Benita Willis AUS AUS 31:28.41 31:28.41
22 319 Ejegayehu Dibaba ETH ETH 31:02.72 31:02.72
23 178 Yingjie Sun CHN CHN 30:28.26 31:58.36
24 911 Lidiya Grigoryeva RUS RUS 30:57.83 30:57.83
25 522 Anikó Kálovics HUN HUN 31:40.31 31:40.31
26 725 Adriana Fernández MEX MEX 31:10.12 31:13.75
27 635 Megumi Oshima JPN JPN 31:42.74 31:55.24
28 329 Derartu Tulu ETH ETH 30:17.49




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