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2003 World Championships in Athletics Paris, France

2003 9th IAAF World Championships - Paris - Women's 4 x 400m



Host City: Saint-Denis, Paris, France Format: First round (First 2 & 2 fastest to final) (Aug 30)
Dates: 23 August – 31 August
Nations participating: 198
Athletes participating: 1679
    Main venue: Stade de France
Overview by IAAF    Paris Saint Denis stadium
The United States made amends for their 2001 disappointment; this time it was the opposition who suffered at the final changeover. European Champion Zykina put Russia in front after leg one. Pechonkina increased that lead but the US were still contention at halfway, while Jamaica were also within range. On the third leg it was 200m champion-elect Kapachinskaya versus the hugely experienced Miles-Clark. The American closed to within 2m. Kapachinskaya exchanged to Nazarova, but the incoming Russian was momentarily blocked by the Senegalese anchor Thiam, who strolled illegally from the waiting echelon into lane 1 before her incoming team-mate had arrived. An unobstructed exchange between Miles-Clark and Sanya Richards popped the US team into a lead of 2m. One felt that the American, still a junior, might succumb to Nazarova (fourth individually) and/or individual silver medallist Fenton who ran a brilliant first 300m to make up around 10m on the leading pair. However the 18 year-old ran a well-judged leg to hold on to her lead. At the other end of the age scale, Miles-Clark (four days short of her 37th birthdate) became the oldest ever track gold medallist.
 These are the official results of the Women's 4x400 metres event at the 2003 IAAF World Championships in Paris, France. Their final was held on Sunday 31 August 2003 at 19:10h.
  4 x 400m 31 August

Event Report Women 4x400m Relay Final

It is not often that a US relay victory is considered an upset but when they ran 3:22.63 to beat the fancied Russian team it was. In fact, the Russians just won silver, finishing in 3:22.91 in front of a fast finishing Jamaica in 3:22.92.
This edition of the team from the USA lacked the stars of previous generations in comparison to the Russian quartet, made up of two 400m finalists and the silver medallists from the 200m and the 400m Hurdles.
The USA's first runner Me'Lisa BARBER led on the back straight and handed over to Demetria WASHINGTON in equal first with Russia and Senegal, after Fatou Bintou FALL had run a superb leg for the Africans.
Washington lead Yuliya PECHONKINA in the back straight but the strength of the hurdle specialist showed and Russia led at the next change. During this leg, Allison BECKFORD brought the Jamaicans from back in the field to third place.
It was then a battle between a 200m runner and an 800m runner as Anastasiya KAPACHINSKAYA (RUS) tried to chase down Jearl MILES-CLARKE (USA). The Russian managed to maintain the speed which carried her to the silver medal in the 200m. Meanwhile the Jamaicans stayed in third, just in front of Great Britain who were now in contact with the leaders following a strong leg from Catherine MURPHY.
The final change was to prove decisive as Kapachinskaya took an age to place the baton into the fumbling hands of Natalya NAZAROVA (RUS) and allowed Sanya RICHARDS (USA) to move into the lead on the final leg. Richards stayed in front until the home straight when Nazarova drew almost level. The Americans were also under threat from the Jamaicans courtesy of a mighty leg by 400m silver medallist Lorraine FENTON whose speed between the 250m and 300m mark suggested she might pass both of the leaders.
It looked like Russia had claimed their prize but Richards held her form and held off the challenge from the Russian 400m finalist to claim victory. While Nazarova just managed to scrape home ahead of FENTON.
Senegal was disqualified after 2001 world champion Amy MBACKE-THIAM moved to lane one to receive the baton for the last leg, instead of maintaining her team's position at the 200m mark.
1 Me'Lisa Barber, Demetria Davis, Jearl Miles-Clark, Sanya Richards-Ross USA 3.22.63
2 Olesya Zykina, Yuliya Pechonkina, Anastasiya Kapachinskaya, Natalya Nazarova RUS 3.22.91
3 Sandie Richards, Allison Beckford, Ronetta Smith, Lorraine Fenton JAM 3.22.92
4 Claudia Marx, Birgit Rockmeier, Claudia Hoffmann, Grit Breuer GER 3.26.25
5 Monika Bejnar, Anna Jesień, Grażyna Prokopek-Janáček POL 3.26.64
6 Lee McConnell, Jenny Meadows, Catherine Murphy, Tasha Danvers GBR 3.26.67
7 Mireille Nguimgo, Caroline Kaboud Mebam, Delphine Bertille Atangana, Hortense Béwouda CMR 3.27.08
Fatou Binetou Fall, Tacko Diouf, Aminata Diouf, Amy Mbacké Thiam SEN DQ
  Heats 30 August

Event Report Women 4x400 m Heats

The main protagonists flexed their muscles in the first round of the women's 4 x 400m relay.
In the first heat it looked like a match up between Jamaica, Poland and Great Britain. Jamaica were led off well by dual world indoor champion Sandie RICHARDS. The 34 year old handed off to Ronetta SMITH with a slight lead over Poland and Great Britain. Smith ran a solid 51.79, maintaining her team's lead. She passed the baton well clear with the next two still battling it out for second. Next in line for the Jamaicans was Michelle BURGHER who ran swiftly early on but tied up in the closing stages with Catherine MURPHY (GBR) and Anna JESIEN (POL) closing the gap markedly. Burgher's time was still a creditable 51.74. On the final leg Allison BECKFORD (JAM) showed a clean pair of heals to ensure Jamaica's qualification for the final, bringing them home in 51.00 (3:26.22). Individual 400m finalist Lee MCCONNELL brought the British team (3:26.44) up into second in the final 100m, relegating Poland (3:26.66) to third. Poland still go through to the final as a fastest loser.
In the second heat Russia looked untouchable with three runners having qualified for the individual final, and thus it panned out. Fighting it out for second would be Cameroon and France. Svetlana POSPELOVA made an impressive start for the Russians. Her 50.87 lead off was nearly half a second faster than her run for eighth in the individual event. She handed over well in front of Cameroon and France, in that order. Svetlana GONCHARENKO maintained the Russian lead with a lap of 51.52, with the race stretching out. On the third leg the host nation were pulled up into second by Virginie MICHANOL (FRA) down the home straight and handed over in second. On the anchor leg Natalya NAZAROVA, Russia's highest placed finisher in the individual, fourth, did only as much as was required and eased up for 53.91. The team's time 3:27.97. Hortense BEWOUDA was able to pull Cameroon (3:29.40) back into second down the stretch to secure a place in the final and in the process knocking France out.
In the final heat it was a low key American team that were the clear favourites. They were unable to establish their dominance until the second leg with DeeDee TROTTER doing the job. On the third leg Aminata DIOUF (SEN) got her team into second behind Sanya RICHARDS, 52.04, who had the Americans well clear. The Germans followed and Ukraine were in fourth. On the final leg 1993 world champion Jearl MILES CLARK (USA) took the baton well clear. The race for second was on with four time world championship finalist Grit BREUER (GER) changing just ahead of 2001 world champion and bronze medallist this year Amy Mbacke THIAM (SEN). Thiam ran a slick first 200m and passed Breuer at the end of the back straight. While Miles Clark, 50.14, crossed the line three seconds clear Breuer was able to come back over the top of Thiam in sight of the line. None the less Senegal still proceed to Sunday's final as a fastest loser.
  Heat 1
1 Sandie Richards, Ronetta Smith, Michelle Burgher, Allison Beckford JAM 3.26.22 Q
2 Helen Karagounis, Jenny Meadows, Catherine Murphy, Lee McConnell GBR 3.26.44 Q
3 Anna Guzowska, Monika Bejnar, Anna Jesień, Grażyna Prokopek-Janáček POL 3.26.66 q
4 Haríklia Boudá, Faní Halkiá, Yeoryía Koumnáki, Hrísa Goudenoúdi GRE 3.33.88
5 Kalpana Reddy, Satti Geetha, Sagardeep Kaur, Manjeet Kaur IND 3.42.25
  Heat 2
1 Svetlana Pospelova, Svetlana Goncharenko, Olesya Zykina, Natalya Nazarova RUS 3.27.97 Q
2 Mireille Nguimgo, Caroline Kaboud Mebam, Delphine Bertille Atangana, Hortense Béwouda CMR 3.29.40 Q
3 Marie-Louise Bévis, Anita Mormand, Virginie Michanol, Solen Désert-Mariller FRA 3.30.29
4 Katsiaryna Bobryk, Natallia Salahub, Iryna Khliustava, Sviatlana Usovich BLR 3.31.40
5 Danielle Perpoli, Monika Niederstätter, Maria Teresa Schutzmann, Virna De Angeli ITA 3.32.00
6 Monika Gachevska, Mariyana Dimitrova, Ekaterina Mashova, Nedyalka Nedkova BUL 3.33.92
  Heat 3
1 Me'Lisa Barber, Deedee Trotter, Sanya Richards-Ross, Jearl Miles-Clark USA 3.24.57 Q
2 Claudia Marx, Birgit Rockmeier, Claudia Hoffmann, Grit Breuer GER 3.27.97 Q
3 Fatou Binetou Fall, Tacko Diouf, Aminata Diouf, Amy Mbacké Thiam SEN 3.28.37 q
4 Nataliya Pyhyda, Olha Mishchenko, Oleksandra Ryzhkova, Antonina Yefremova UKR 3.29.65
5 Liliana Allen, Gabriela Medina, Mayra González, Ana Guevara MEX 3.29.74
6 Tatyana Khadjimuratova, Natalya Alimzhanova, Olga Tereshkova, Svetlana Bodritskaya KAZ 3.31.20
7 Irina Lenskiy, Svetlana Gnezdilov, Anat Morad, Anna Tkach ISR 3.32.99

Heat 1 30 AUG 2003 18:10 

2 Greece GRE GRE 3:29.36 3:29.36
3 Poland POL POL 3:24.65 3:29.14
4 Great Britain & N.I. GBR GBR 3:22.01 3:26.52
5 India IND IND 3:28.11 3:36.41
6 Jamaica JAM JAM 3:20.65 3:27.34
7 Australia AUS AUS 3:23.81 3:39.65

Heat 2 30 AUG 2003 18:18 

2 Italy ITA ITA 3:26.69 3:32.19
3 Belarus BLR BLR 3:26.31 3:28.34
4 Cameroon CMR CMR 3:32.74 3:44.82
5 Nigeria NGR NGR 3:21.04 3:43.47
6 Russia RUS RUS 3:18.38 3:26.02
7 France FRA FRA 3:22.34 3:28.39
8 Bulgaria BUL BUL 3:25.81 3:33.57

Heat 3 30 AUG 2003 18:26 

2 Israel ISR ISR 3:39.91 3:39.98
3 United States USA USA 3:15.51 3:26.40
4 Kazakhstan KAZ KAZ 3:31.72 3:35.41
5 Ukraine UKR UKR 3:21.94 3:31.41
6 Senegal SEN SEN 3:28.02 3:48.84
7 Germany GER GER 3:20.92 3:28.81
8 Mexico MEX MEX 3:28.23 3:28.23




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