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2003 World Championships in Athletics Paris, France

2003 9th IAAF World Championships - Paris - Women's High Jump



Host City: Saint-Denis, Paris, France Format: Qualifying round (1.93 or top 12 to final) (Aug 29)
Dates: 23 August – 31 August
Nations participating: 198
Athletes participating: 1679
    Main venue: Stade de France
Overview by IAAF   Paris Saint Denis stadium 
Cloete retained her title in commanding fashion, for she did not register one failure at all heights up to and including a Commonwealth and African record of 2.06. Eight women attempted 1.98 and four of these were successful: Kuptsova, Cloete, Veneva and Bergqvist in that order. At 2.00, the Bulgarian was eliminated, so for the first time at a World Championships all three medallists would clear 2.00 or better. At 2.02 both the Swede and the Russian failed on their first attempts. Cloete sailed clear without touching the bar and then could relax while her opponents both passed up to 2.04. Each failed once, but Cloete was instantly successful once again. Bergqvist tried 2.04 again and failed, while Kuptsova tried 2.06. Even if she had cleared she would have needed to go higher for victory, because once again Cloete went over. The South African went on to attempt 2.10.
 These are the official results of the Women's High Jump event at the 2003 World Championships in Paris, France. There were a total number of 25 participating athletes, with the final held on Sunday 31 August 2003.
  High Jump 31 August

Event Report Women High Jump Final

It started quietly but ended with an attempt on the World record by South Africa's Hestrie CLOETE as the women's High Jump lived up to its high expectations.
All jumpers were successful until 1.95m when four were eliminated - Ruth BEITIA (ESP), Viktoriya STYOPINA and Olga KALITURINA both of Russia and most surprisingly American champion Amy ACUFF.
The next height was 1.98m and once again four athletes failed to clear it. The third Russian Anna CHICHEROVA, Juana Rosario ARRENDEL (DOM) and Vita PALAMAR (UKR) all were unsuccessful. Two-time world junior champion Blanka VLASIC (CRO) was well down on her best of 2.01, looking ragged and exiting at this height.
And then there were four. Bulgarian Venelina VENEVA entering the meet with only having cleared 1.95m this season. She faced world champion Cloete, European champion Kajsa BERGQVIST and 2.02m Russian jumper Marina KUPTSOVA for the medals. Accordingly, Veneva was the first to falter and she was relegated to fourth.
Bergqvist after clearing 1.98m in a clutch third attempt took two jumps to clear 2.00m, while Kuptsova sailed over first time, as did Cloete who had yet to miss a height.
At the next height, 2.02m, Bergqvist jumping first, got nowhere near the bar on her first attempt. Kuptsova had a solid try but didn't succeed either. Putting pressure on the other two, Cloete once again sailed over on her first attempt.
In response Bergqvist and Kuptsova passed and had the bar raised to 2.04m. As with the previous height, the first two failed and the South African soared. With their final attempts, first Bergqvist and then Kuptsova, failed handing the gold medal Cloete. Due to earlier misses Bergqvist finished with the bronze, while Kuptsova took silver, as she did behind the Swede at last year's European titles.
Knowing she had already won her second world title, Cloete flew over 2.06m first time. She rolled around on the bags celebrating the clearance. This was the second highest jump at the world championships since Stefka KOSTADINOVA's (BUL) world record 2.09m in Rome in 1987. The jump also moved her to equal third on the all-time list alongside Bergqvist's leap from July.
Cloete then asked the officials to raise the bar to 2.10m in an attempt to break the world record. She knocked the bar off with her hand on the first attempt, to record her first miss of the competition. The second and third efforts were better, but the world record will have to wait for another day.
South Africa now rule the world of high jumping with Jacques FREITAG (RSA) taking out the men's final last Sunday.
1 Hestrie Cloete RSA 26 Aug 78 2.06 AR
2 Marina Kuptsova RUS 22 Dec 81 2.00  
3 Kajsa Bergqvist SWE 12 Oct 76 2.00  
4 Venelina Veneva-Mateeva BUL 13 Jun 74 1.98  
5 Vita Palamar UKR 12 Oct 77 1.95  
6 Anna Chicherova RUS 22 Jul 82 1.95  
7 Blanka Vlašić CRO 8 Nov 83 1.95  
8 Juana Arrendel DOM 26 Sep 78 1.95  
9 Amy Acuff USA 14 Jul 75 1.90  
9 Viktoriya Styopina UKR 21 Feb 76 1.90  
11 Ruth Beitia ESP 1 Apr 79 1.90  
11 Olga Kaliturina RUS 9 Mar 76 1.90  
Final 16:45 Team Height 185 190 195 198 200 202 204 206 210
1 Hestrie Cloete RSA 2.06m O O O O O O O O XXX
2 Marina Kuptsova RUS 2.00m O O XO O O X- X- X
3 Kajsa Bergqvist SWE 2.00m O O O XXO XO X- XX
4 Venelina Veneva BUL 1.98m O O O XO XXX
5 Viktoriya Palamar UKR 1.95m O O O XXX
6 Anna Chicherova RUS 1.95m O XO O XXX
7 Blanka Vlasic CRO 1.95m - O XO XXX
8 Juana Rosario Arrendel DOM 1.95m O XO XO XXX
9 Viktoriya Styopina UKR 1.90m O O XXX
9 Amy Acuff USA 1.90m O O XXX
11 Olga Kaliturina RUS 1.90m O XO XXX
11 Ruth Beitia ESP 1.90m O XO XXX
  Qualification 29 August

Event Report Women High Jump Qualification

The rain had little effect on the women's high jump qualifying round, with eight of the top ten jumpers this year leaping their way into Sunday's final.
World leader Kajsa BERGQVIST (SWE), after entering the competition at 1.85m, never looked troubled in the wet conditions and safely cleared 1.93m to automatically qualify. Similarly, defending World Champion Hestrie CLOETE(RSA), had a clean sweep, and goes into the final alongside the Swede as leading qualifier.
Recently engaged Amy ACUFF(USA) looked comfortable and will be hoping to improve on her recent 2.01m personal best on Sunday.
In a near miss, 19-year-old Croatian Blanka VLASIC passed at 1.88m while it was relatively dry and was left to attempt 1.91m in a downpour. Under pressure on her third attempt, she was up to the challenge, and cleared the bar to continue, eventually jumping 1.93m to qualify automatically.
Others to qualify were the Ukraine's Vita PALAMAR, Spanish record holder Ruth BEITIA and 1998 World Junior champion Marina KUPTSOVA (RUS), whilst her teammate Anna CHICHEROVA sneaked into the final as the last qualifer on countback, jumping 1.91m.
A noticeable elimination was 1999 World Champion Inha BABAKOVA(UKR), who is fourth on the world list this year. After clearing 1.88m, she could not sustain her form, bringing down the bar on three occasions at 1.91m.
  Group A
1 Viktoriya Styopina UKR 21 Feb 76 1.93 Q  
1 Hestrie Cloete RSA 26 Aug 78 1.93 Q  
1 Vita Palamar UKR 12 Oct 77 1.93 Q  
4 Marina Kuptsova RUS 22 Dec 81 1.93 Q  
4 Amy Acuff USA 14 Jul 75 1.93 Q  
4 Juana Arrendel DOM 26 Sep 78 1.93 Q  
7 Venelina Veneva-Mateeva BUL 13 Jun 74 1.93 Q  
8 Marta Mendía ESP 18 May 75 1.91  
9 Gaëlle Niaré FRA 12 Mar 82 1.85  
10 Anne Gerd Eieland NOR 28 Dec 82 1.85  
11 Iva Straková CZE 4 Aug 80 1.80  
Miki Imai JPN 30 May 75 NH  
  Group B
1 Kajsa Bergqvist SWE 12 Oct 76 1.93 Q  
2 Ruth Beitia ESP 1 Apr 79 1.93 Q  
3 Blanka Vlašić CRO 8 Nov 83 1.93 Q  
4 Olga Kaliturina RUS 9 Mar 76 1.91 q  
5 Anna Chicherova RUS 22 Jul 82 1.91 q  
6 Oana Pantelimon ROU 17 Sep 72 1.88  
7 Inga Babakova UKR 27 Jun 67 1.88  
8 Daniela Rath GER 6 May 77 1.88  
9 Antonella Bevilacqua ITA 15 Oct 71 1.85  
10 Solange Witteveen ARG 6 Feb 76 1.85  
11 Romary Rifka MEX 8 Apr 73 1.80  
12 Marina Aitova KAZ 13 Sep 82 1.80  
Gwen Wentland USA 29 Apr 72 DNS  
Group A Team Dist. 180 185 188 191 193
1 Viktoriya Styopina UKR 1.93m O O O O O
1 Hestrie Cloete RSA 1.93m - O O O O
1 Viktoriya Palamar UKR 1.93m - O O O O
4 Amy Acuff USA 1.93m O O O O XO
4 Marina Kuptsova RUS 1.93m O O O O XO
4 Juana Rosario Arrendel DOM 1.93m O O O O XO
7 Venelina Veneva BUL 1.93m XO O O O XO
8 Marta Mendia ESP 1.91m O O XO XXO XXX
9 Gaelle Niare FRA 1.85m O XO XXX
10 Anne Gerd Eieland NOR 1.85m O XXO XXX
11 Iva Strakova CZE 1.80m XO XXX
- Miki Imai JPN NM XXX
Group B Team Dist. 180 185 188 191 193
1 Kajsa Bergqvist SWE 1.93m - O O O O
2 Ruth Beitia ESP 1.93m XO O O O O
3 Blanka Vlasic CRO 1.93m - O - XXO O
4 Olga Kaliturina RUS 1.91m O O O O XXX
5 Anna Chicherova RUS 1.91m XO O XO O XXX
6 Oana Pantelimon ROM 1.88m O O O XXX
7 Inha Babakova UKR 1.88m O O XXO XXX
8 Daniela Rath GER 1.88m - XO XXO XXX
9 Antonella Bevilacqua ITA 1.85m O O XXX
10 Solange Witteveen ARG 1.85m O XO XXX
11 Romary Rifka MEX 1.80m O XXX
12 Marina Aitova KAZ 1.80m XO XXX
- Gwen Wentland USA DNS

Group A 23 AUG 2003 17:40

1 1196 Mikhail Tsvetkov RUS RUS 2.30 2.30
2 1281 Stefan Holm SWE SWE 2.36i 2.36i
3 1188 Yaroslav Rybakov RUS RUS 2.34 2.34
4 1098 Aleksander Walerianczyk POL POL 2.36 2.36
5 1420 Jamie Nieto USA USA 2.30 2.30
6 1081 Michal Bieniek POL POL 2.30 2.30
7 201 Mark Boswell CAN CAN 2.35 2.31
8 329 Tomáš Janku CZE CZE 2.32 2.30
9 440 Oskari Frösén FIN FIN 2.30 2.28
10 1292 Staffan Strand SWE SWE 2.35i 2.32i
11 140 Hennazdy Maroz BLR BLR 2.33 2.30
12 1133 Stefan Vasilache ROU ROU 2.30 2.30
13 1066 Alfredo Deza PER PER 2.27 2.27
14 1236 Rožle Prezelj SLO SLO 2.27 2.27
15 690 Andrea Bettinelli ITA ITA 2.31 2.31
16 166 Fabrício Romero BRA BRA 2.27 2.27

Group B 23 AUG 2003 17:40

1 1140 Jacques Freitag RSA RSA 2.37 2.35
2 15 Abderrahmane Hammad ALG ALG 2.34 2.30
3 1269 Martin Stauffer SUI SUI 2.27 2.27
4 1163 Pyotr Brayko RUS RUS 2.31i 2.30
5 1360 Andriy Sokolovskyy UKR UKR 2.36 2.33
6 695 Nicola Ciotti ITA ITA 2.30 2.30
7 993 Wilbert Pennings NED NED 2.31i 2.27
8 1399 Tora Harris USA USA 2.31 2.30i
9 714 Alessandro Talotti ITA ITA 2.30 2.30
10 1403 Matt Hemingway USA USA 2.38i 2.34
11 324 Jaroslav Bába CZE CZE 2.32i 2.32i
12 132 Andrei Chubsa BLR BLR 2.32 2.28
13 555 Roman Fricke GER GER 2.27 2.27
14 1096 Grzegorz Sposób POL POL 2.30 2.30
15 136 Aleksey Lesnichiy BLR BLR 2.30 2.30
16 740 Germaine Mason JAM JAM 2.34 2.34




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