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2005 World Championships in Athletics Helsinki, Finland

2005 10th IAAF World Championships - Helsinki - Women's 100m Hurdles



Host City: Helsinki, Finland Format: First round (First 4 & 4 fastest to semi-finals) (Aug 9)
Dates: 6–14 August 2005 Format: Semi-finals (First 2 & 2 fastest to final) (Aug 10)
Nations participating: 196  
Athletes participating: 1,891  
    Main venue: Helsinki Olympic Stadium
Overview by IAAF   Helsinki Olympic Stadium 
In a closely-matched field Perry, who had switched from the Heptathlon in 2005 to focus on the hurdles, was regarded as the one to beat. She and 2003 runner-up Foster-Hylton were fastest in the heats which were interrupted after the first race by a two-hour delay because of the torrential rain in Helsinki on the night of Tuesday, August 9. There was a total of 103mm of rain in Helsinki in World Championship week, five times the average amount for that time of the year! The two principals were semi-finals winners, Foster-Hylton running 12.65 to beat Olympic Champion Hayes and Shevchenko (12.76 for both), while Perry won her race into a 3.3 wind in 12.86. The 1999 finalist Delloreen Ennis-London had won the first of the three semis, enabling Jamaica to maintain its record of being the only country to supply a finalist in every year from 1993 onwards.
 The Jamaicans held the United States athletes in the final until halfway, when Perry went clear. Hayes began to attack with three hurdles to go and was in second place when she hit the ninth, and then ran into the 10th hurdle, carrying it towards the finish line, where she fell to the track, distraught and doomed to be disqualified. Perry won by a metre, with Ennis-London just edging Foster-Hylton for silver

The 100 metres hurdles at the 2005 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on August 9, 10 and 11.

The top four runners in each of the initial 5 heats automatically qualified for the semifinals. The next four fastest runners from across the heats also qualified. There were three semifinal heats, and only the top two from each heat plus the next two fastest runners advanced to the final.

 Olympic champion Joanna Hayes was out the fastest, gaining about a foot over the first barrier. That advantage didn't last long as there were six women dead even over the second. By the third hurdle Michelle Perry had emerged with a fractional lead. By the fourth, Delloreen Ennis-London began to separate by inches from the wall as Mariya Koroteyeva and Kirsten Bolm began to lose ground. Ennis-London was much faster to the sixth hurdle, capturing a slight lead. Running virtually stride for stride, immediately to Ennis-London's left, Hayes also pulled even with Perry, with Brigitte Foster-Hylton just inches behind the three. But Ennis-London lost her quick snap over the hurdles, instead gliding, relinquishing her hold on the lead while Hayes again was matching Perry stride for stride until Hayes hooked the ninth hurdle. She lost her balance between hurdles so much she never jumped the tenth hurdle, instead carrying it some seven metres down the track before pushing it away and striding over the finish line in last. With her last challenger suddenly out of the race, Perry ran in to the finish with a 1-metre lead over Ennis-London, who was less than a half metre ahead of her teammate Foster-Hylton across the line for silver.
  100m Hurdles 11 August -2,0

Event Report - Women 100m Hurdles Final

Michelle Perry, who a year ago finished as a distant also-ran in the Olympic Heptathlon, tonight claimed her first World title, winning a drama-packed 100 metres Hurdles final.

The 26-year-old American was always leading the race, in which the four principles - Perry, the Jamaicans Brigitte Foster-Hylton and Delloreen Ennis-London and Joanna Hayes, the Olympic champion - were drawn in the centre lanes.

But it was close, very close, through to the fourth flight, when Perry edged away slightly. You could sense the three others bristle in reaction.

Hayes then started to make a move, perceptibly closing the gap on her team mate. But then, at the penultimate barrier, when apparently poised to push past Perry, she clipped the hurdle. For a moment, it seemed as nothing.

But the loss of balance threw Hayes sideways. It may also have affected Foster-Hylton, the World silver medallist in Paris two years ago. And although she tried to correct her slip, Hayes had run out of space and painfully crashed through the last hurdle as her rivals sped away from her.

Perhaps it was the break in concentration at the vital moment, but the Jamaicans' attempt to catch Perry was as good as over once the American cleared the last hurdle herself and began to sprint for the line, which she crossed in 12.66sec to the Hyphenated Hurdlers' 12.76, with Ennis-London getting the judges' decision for silver.

Hayes had crossed the finishing line in 13.57, although the judges would disqualify her. She slumped on all fours, in pain as much as anguish at her fate, and needed to be helped away, heavy strapping and ice on her left knee.

Perry, who is coached by Bobby Kersee, has this year referred to "returning to my first love", the sprint hurdles, which had already seen her crowned as American champion. As the realisation dawned upon the Los Angeles resident that she was now also World champion, her delighted smile warmed the stoic crowd that had endured another uncomfortable night's weather in the Olympic Stadium.

1 Michelle Perry USA 1 May 79 12.66
2 Delloreen Ennis JAM 5 Mar 75 12.76
3 Brigitte Foster-Hylton JAM 7 Nov 74 12.76
4 Kirsten Bolm GER 4 Mar 75 12.82
5 Mariya Koroteyeva RUS 10 Nov 81 12.93
6 Jenny Kallur SWE 16 Feb 81 12.95
7 Irina Shevchenko RUS 2 Sep 75 12.97
Joanna Hayes USA 23 Dec 76 DQ
  Semifinals 10 August

Event Report - Women 100m Hurdles

Hyphenated hurdlers hurry through Helsinki hurricane

Perdita Felicien, the defending champion in the women's 100 metres hurdles, this time did not survive the semi-finals, as Jamaican and American sprint hurdlers took the upper hand ahead of Thursday's final.

The women sprint hurdlers had already had to endure some of the worst of the conditions on Tuesday night for their heats. Now, in the semi-finals, the steady rain made the semi-finals hazardous.

And with only the first two in each semi guaranteed to progress to the final, there was no margin for errors.

The high pressure saw Linda Ferga-Khodadin, the young Frenchwoman in the first semi-final, turn her ankle between the first and second flight and tumble painfully into the hurdle.

In the same semi, Felicien, of Canada, looked to be operating on a midrace skidpan, as she slid almost sideways in towards the eighth hurdle, losing vital ground, as Jamaica's Delloreen Ennis-London took first place in 12.79, with Mariya Koroteyeva, of Russia, second in 12.80. Sweden's Jenny Kallur was left to wait to find whether her PB 12.85 would be good enough. Felicien's 12.94 was not.

In the second semi-final, the Olympic champion also suffered defeat, Joanna Hayes beaten, 12.65 to 12.76 to Brigitte Foster-Hylton, the second of the hyphenated Jamaicans. At least Hayes ensured qualification with her runner-up slot.

Irina Shevchenko's 12.76 for third quickly confirmed Felicien's elimination, but Olena Krasovska, of Ukraine, like Kallur also clocking 12.85, for fourth in the second race, promised to complicate matters for the judges.

The pernicious wind changed direction, and velocity, between the last two semis, to the aid of those in the earlier races, because while Michelle Perry (USA), with 12.86, and Germany's Kirsten Bolm, in 12.95, were able to do enough to qualify automatically, those chasing them could not overcome the 3.3mps headwind to record fast enough times.

Kallur gets the eighth lane in the final over Krasovska on better finishing position.

  Heat 1 -0.5
1 Delloreen Ennis JAM 5 Mar 75 12.79 Q
2 Mariya Koroteyeva RUS 10 Nov 81 12.80 Q
3 Jenny Kallur SWE 16 Feb 81 12.85 q
4 Perdita Felicien CAN 29 Aug 80 12.94
5 Anay Tejeda CUB 3 Apr 83 12.95
6 Ginnie Crawford USA 7 Sep 83 13.02
7 Feng Yun CHN 23 Feb 76 13.15
Linda Khodadin FRA 24 Dec 76 DNF
  Heat 2 0.5
1 Brigitte Foster-Hylton JAM 7 Nov 74 12.65 Q
2 Joanna Hayes USA 23 Dec 76 12.76 Q
3 Irina Shevchenko RUS 2 Sep 75 12.76 q
4 Olena Krasovska UKR 17 Jun 76 12.85
5 Priscilla Lopes-Schliep CAN 26 Aug 82 12.91
6 Reina-Flor Okori FRA 2 May 80 12.99
7 Derval O'Rourke IRL 28 May 81 13.23
8 Nadine Faustin-Parker HAI 14 Apr 76 13.27
  Heat 3 -3.3
1 Michelle Perry USA 1 May 79 12.86 Q
2 Kirsten Bolm GER 4 Mar 75 12.95 Q
3 Susanna Kallur SWE 16 Feb 81 13.05
4 Glory Alozie ESP 30 Dec 77 13.05
5 Vonette Dixon JAM 26 Nov 75 13.08
6 Aurelia Trywiańska-Kollasch POL 9 May 76 13.11
7 Angela Whyte CAN 22 May 80 13.52
8 Adrianna Lamalle FRA 27 Sep 82 13.60
  Heats 9 August

Event Report - Women 100m Hurdles

Lightning fast heroines of Helsinki defy the storms

For Jeimy Bernardez, Glory Alozie, Barbara Rustignoli, Sarah Claxton, Mariya Koroteyeva, Virginia Powell, Delloreen Ennis-London and Flora Redoumi, their heat of the women's 100 metres Hurdles became something of a trial.

The eight women were lined up for the second heat of their event in the midst one of the heaviest torrential downpours ever witnessed at a major international athletics event.

The judges bowed to the elements. Such was the ferocity of the oncoming electrical storm, they had no other option. The eight women scuttled off for the shelter and protection of the ready room under the main stand, where they faced a two-hour wait before conditions had moderated sufficiently to allow the competition to re-commence, and their race to be staged.

When they re-emerged, after drying themselves off and warming up again, the skies were clearing, the track at least clear of the surface water.

In fact, the conditions were better than those encountered by the women who had run in the first heat, more than two hours earlier, when the American, Michelle Perry, had somehow despite the conditions managed to clock a 12.64sec winning time into a 2.1mps headwind, with Vonette Dixon (JAM) and Jenny Kallur (SWE) chasing her home in 12.95 and 12.96.

And so, after possibly the longest pause between a starter's "On your marks" and the firing of the gun, the second heat got underway, to be won by Ennis-London (JAM) in 12.65, with a 1.2mps following wind, while European champion Alozie (ESP) and Koroteyeva (RUS) both managed season's bests, 12.71 and 12.73 despite it all. The heat's fourth qualifier was Powell, in 12.91.

Now, normal service was resumed. Perdita Felicien, Canada's defending champion, took heat three in 12.77sec, while Brigitte Foster-Hylton, the runner-up two years ago in Paris, was the second Jamaican heat-winner in the event, taking the fourth heat in a barely wind-aided 12.64, equalling Perry for the fastest performance of the night.

The fifth and final heat brought forth the Olympic champion, Joanna Hayes (USA), who looked entirely unfazed by the delays and disruption, and cruised through to win in 12.79, shutting down off the last flight.

With the qualifying criteria seeing the first four in each heat and four fastest losers advance, it took at least a 13.00sec effort to proceed: Ireland's Derval O'Rourke running a season's best for sixth place in the third heat being the slowest of the fastest losers, who also include Yun Feng (CHN; 12.99), Anay Tejeda (CUB, 12.96) and Adrianna Lamalle (FRA, 12.93).

  Heat 1 -2.1
1 Michelle Perry USA 1 May 79 12.64 Q
2 Vonette Dixon JAM 26 Nov 75 12.95 Q
3 Jenny Kallur SWE 16 Feb 81 12.96 Q
4 Reina-Flor Okori FRA 2 May 80 13.14 Q
5 Maíla Paula Machado BRA 22 Jan 81 13.21
6 Hanna Korell FIN 16 Mar 79 13.39
  Heat 2 1.2
1 Delloreen Ennis JAM 5 Mar 75 12.65 Q
2 Glory Alozie ESP 30 Dec 77 12.71 Q
3 Mariya Koroteyeva RUS 10 Nov 81 12.73 Q
4 Ginnie Crawford USA 7 Sep 83 12.91 Q
5 Sarah Claxton GBR 23 Sep 79 13.17
6 Flóra Redoúmi GRE 11 Sep 76 13.65
7 Jeimy J. Bernárdez HON 3 Sep 86 14.78
8 Barbara Rustignoli SMR 16 Oct 84 15.51
  Heat 3 0.5
1 Perdita Felicien CAN 29 Aug 80 12.77 Q
2 Nadine Faustin-Parker HAI 14 Apr 76 12.85 Q
3 Aurelia Trywiańska-Kollasch POL 9 May 76 12.86 Q
4 Susanna Kallur SWE 16 Feb 81 12.87 Q
5 Adrianna Lamalle FRA 27 Sep 82 12.93 q
6 Derval O'Rourke IRL 28 May 81 13.00 q
7 Trecia Roberts THA 4 Feb 71 13.93
  Heat 4 0.5
1 Brigitte Foster-Hylton JAM 7 Nov 74 12.64 Q
2 Kirsten Bolm GER 4 Mar 75 12.68 Q
3 Irina Shevchenko RUS 2 Sep 75 12.76 Q
4 Priscilla Lopes-Schliep CAN 26 Aug 82 12.85 Q
5 Anay Tejeda CUB 3 Apr 83 12.96 q
6 Solène Eboulabeka CGO 29 Jan 81 14.66
  Heat 5 0.3
1 Joanna Hayes USA 23 Dec 76 12.79 Q
2 Linda Khodadin FRA 24 Dec 76 12.85 Q
3 Olena Krasovska UKR 17 Jun 76 12.86 Q
4 Angela Whyte CAN 22 May 80 12.88 Q
5 Feng Yun CHN 23 Feb 76 12.99 q
6 Céline Laporte SEY 7 Dec 84 14.00
Natalya Rusakova RUS 12 Dec 80 DNF

Heat 1 09 AUG 2005 18:40

2 341 Fatmata Fofanah GUI GUI 13.32 13.32
3 399 Vonette Dixon JAM JAM 12.67 12.67
4 227 Hanna Korell FIN FIN 13.13 13.13
5 708 Jenny Kallur SWE SWE 12.88 12.88
6 74 Maíla Machado BRA BRA 12.86 12.89
7 255 Reïna-Flor Okori FRA FRA 12.75 12.75
8 815 Michelle Perry USA USA 12.43 12.43

Heat 2 09 AUG 2005 20:45

1 346 Jeimy Bernárdez HON HON 14.72 14.72
2 179 Glory Alozie ESP ESP 12.44 12.80
3 692 Barbara Rustignoli SMR SMR 15.33 15.33
4 264 Sarah Claxton GBR GBR 12.96 12.96
5 642 Mariya Koroteyeva RUS RUS 12.60 12.81
6 817 Ginnie Crawford USA USA 12.61 12.61
7 400 Delloreen Ennis-London JAM JAM 12.51 12.60
8 333 Flóra Redoúmi GRE GRE 12.86 13.03

Heat 3 09 AUG 2005 20:52

2 709 Susanna Kallur SWE SWE 12.65 12.65
3 554 Aurelia Trywianska-Kollasch POL POL 12.73 12.77
4 251 Adrianna Lamalle FRA FRA 12.85 12.85
5 724 Trecia Roberts THA THA 12.73 14.37
6 363 Derval O'Rourke IRL IRL 12.96 13.10
7 345 Nadine Faustin-Parker HAI HAI 12.74 12.83
8 97 Perdita Felicien CAN CAN 12.46 12.58

Heat 4 09 AUG 2005 20:59

2 290 Kirsten Bolm GER GER 12.59 12.59
3 663 Irina Shevchenko RUS RUS 12.67 12.78
4 105 Solène Eboulabeka CGO CGO 14.53 14.53
5 100 Priscilla Lopes-Schliep CAN CAN 12.64 12.82
6 165 Lucie Škrobáková CZE CZE 13.07 13.07
7 402 Brigitte Foster-Hylton JAM JAM 12.45 12.60
8 157 Anay Tejeda CUB CUB 12.74 12.95

Heat 5 09 AUG 2005 21:06

2 244 Linda Ferga-Khodadin FRA FRA 12.66 12.66
3 797 Joanna Hayes USA USA 12.37 12.47
4 748 Olena Krasovska UKR UKR 12.45 12.75
5 685 Céline Laporte SEY SEY 13.70 13.91
6 107 Yun Feng CHN CHN 12.85 12.92
7 102 Angela Whyte CAN CAN 12.69 13.13
8 655 Natalia Rusakova RUS RUS 12.70 12.78




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