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2007 World Championships in Athletics Osaka, Japan

2007 11th IAAF World Championships - Osaka - Men's Discus Throw



Host City: Osaka, Japan Format: Qualifying round (64.50 or top 12 to final) (Aug 26)
Dates: 24 August - 2 September 2007
Nations participating: 200
Athletes participating: 1,978
    Main venue: Nagai Stadium
Overview by IAAF   nagai stadium01 
In 45 meetings during their career Kanter had managed just two wins against Alekna. In 2007 the great Lithuanian thrower had a 4-0 record versus Kanter and had not lost to anyone since August 2005. Kanter led 192 DOHA 2019  PAST RESULTS/WORLD CHAMPS MEN’S DT in round one of the final with 64.89 from Harting and Smith. Harting improved in round two to 65.59, with Kanter throwing 65.37 in response. The Estonian then launched the platter out to 68.94 to settle matters, and Smith, throwing next, moved into silver position with 66.42. Alekna, who was favouring a knee injury, reached 65.24 in the same round. The surprising Harting moved past Smith in the penultimate round with 66.68. Kanter in relaxed mode in the final round, having already won, had another big throw – 68.84 – to round out his first major championship win.
 The Men's Discus Throw event at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics took place on August 26, 2007 (qualification) and August 28, 2007 (final) at the Nagai Stadium in Osaka, Japan.


World record  Jürgen Schult (GDR) 74.08 Neubrandenburg, East Germany 6 June 1986
Championship record  Virgilijus Alekna (LTU) 70.17 Helsinki, Finland 7 August 2005
  Discus Throw 28 August

Event report: Men's Discus Final

Gerd Kanter claimed the gold and the scalp that he has craved for years, when he won the Men’s Discus at the World Championships tonight and ended the longest current winning streak in the sport.

Virgilijus Alekna had not been beaten since the 2001 World Championships in Edmonton, some 37 events ago, but here it soon became apparent that the Lithuanian giant was struggling with some sort of injury.

So badly affected was double World and Olympic gold medallist that he will leave Osaka with no medal at all, as Kanter, of Estonia, won the gold with his third-round 68.94m, with Germany’s Robert Harting in silver medal position with 66.68 and Dutchman Rutger Smith, who had led after the second round, finished third with 66.42.

Alekna’s best was 65.24, good enough for only fourth.

Harting, the young German who has ambitions to win this title in Berlin in two years’ time, put the defeat of Alekna into context: “I’d never thought it would be possible to place ahead of Alekna.

“But when I saw that Alekna had still not managed 70m by the third attempt, I realised that he had problems with his leg or knee.”

Indeed, the whole competition was somewhat muted; at times, it appeared that the throwers were deliberately peppering the 65m line in a contest for accuracy, rather than distance.

Kanter took the first-round lead with 64.89, which Smith overtook in round two with 65.98, as Harting – second after round one – maintained his position with 65.59. Kanter, though he improved his best effort to 65.37, was now just third.

Though Hungary’s Gabor Mate looked like he might play a role, having thrown 64.28 in the first and 64.71 in the third round, this really was a four-way tussle, with the imposing figure of Alekna lurking, everyone waiting for him to make his big heave.

It never came, though. “Finally, I lost. There is nothing I can do. Life goes on,” said the Lithuanian, explaining that he had injured his calf just a week ago.

It was Kanter in the third round who re-took the lead, when Alekna managed at last to go beyond 65m.

There would be but two more significant throws in the last three rounds: Harting’s 66.68 in round five, which saw him pip Smith for silver, and Kanter’s and the competition’s very last throw, 68.84, the second best of the final.

“Technically it was not the best day,” Kanter explained, “but there is big tension and you cannot release the discus in such a big arena at 100 per cent.”

This is only Kanter’s second victory over Alekna in 46 meetings, and he paid tribute to his great rival. “Virgilijus is the best discus thrower ever and he has inspired me a lot in recent years.”

But, with Estonia’s second ever World Championship gold medal, Kanter is determined to enjoy the moment.  “There will be a big party today, it is my day.”

Osaka 2007 News Team/sd

1 Gerd Kanter EST 6 May 79 68.94
2 Robert Harting GER 18 Oct 84 66.68
3 Rutger Smith NED 9 Jul 81 66.42
4 Virgilijus Alekna LTU 13 Feb 72 65.24
5 Gabor Mate HUN 9 Feb 79 64.71
6 Omar El-Ghazaly EGY 9 Feb 84 64.58
7 Ehsan Hadadi IRI 21 Jan 85 64.53
8 Aleksander Tammert EST 2 Feb 73 64.33
9 Zoltan Kovago HUN 10 Apr 79 63.04
10 Mario Pestano ESP 8 Apr 78 62.70
11 Rasheed Shafi Al-Dosari QAT 8 May 81 62.60
12 Piotr Malachowski POL 7 Jun 83 60.77
Final 19:30 Team dist. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
1 Gerd Kanter EST 68.94m 64.89 65.37 68.94 X 65.22 68.84
2 Robert Harting GER 66.68m 64.62 65.59 65.59 X 66.68 62.00
3 Rutger Smith NED 66.42m 64.32 65.98 66.42 65.08 X 65.69
4 Virgilijus Alekna LTU 65.24m 63.68 X 65.24 64.86 X 63.75
5 Gabor Mate HUN 64.71m 64.26 62.82 64.71 63.09 X X
6 Omar Ahmed El Ghazaly EGY 64.58m X 62.34 64.58 63.45 64.11 63.08
7 Ehsan Hadadi IRI 64.53m 63.29 64.10 X 64.21 64.53 X
8 Aleksander Tammert EST 64.33m 62.16 63.91 63.44 64.29 62.79 64.33
9 Zoltan Kovago HUN 63.04m 58.33 63.04 55.86
10 Mario Pestano ESP 62.70m 62.70 62.36 62.12
11 Rashid Shafi Al-Dosari QAT 62.60m X 59.74 62.60
12 Piotr Malachowski POL 60.77m 60.77 X X
  Qualification 26 August

Event report: Men’s Discus Throw Qualifying

If ever there was a two horse race then surely the men’s discus final will be it.

Virgilijus Alekna and Gerd Kanter, who finished one-two at the last two major championships and sit atop the world this year, headed this morning’s two qualifying groups for the final on Tuesday evening, with Alekna, as ever, the outright favourite.

The double world and Olympic champion looked short of his usual awesome form in the Nagai stadium this morning as it took him three attempts to reach the automatic qualifying distance of 64.50m. The big man fouled his first effort and fell just short on his second at 63.70m.

But he was just toying with his opponents and putting in some some extra training in the Osaka heat. He put a little more strength into his third and it winged its way out to 66.54m.

“I wanted to train so had had three throws,” said Alekna. “I want to check some small things so had more attempts than many expected. Do not worry.”

But Kanter, this year’s world No1 and a silver medallist behind Alekna at both the Helsinki World and last year’s European championships, proved that he is again in shape to give the giant Lithuanian a battle for the big prize. The Estonian record holder was the leading qualifier from group A, although he almost caused the shock of the round by failing to reach 60 metres with his first two attempts.

It may have taken him three goes to get it right, but when he did Kanter cantered back into contention with an impressive throw of 67.45m, the best of the morning.

“I was struggling in first two rounds and that was despite the fact I am in really good shape,” said the Estonian. “But it was the same in Gothenburg last year. In the final, 70m-plus will make be needed for gold and I think about 67.50m for a medal.”

If the big two have the major medals sewn up, Rutger Smith surprised even himself as he moved into contention for a minor medal. The Dutchman put the disappointment of failing to reach the podium in last night’s shot final behind him, landing a personal best of 66.60m – and that despite getting only three hours sleep last night.

“I felt sick and couldn't perform well in the shot put last night,” he said. “So, the only cure was to throw well today. It opened my eyes on my chances for the final. Luckily, it is in two days and I can now rest a little.”

While Smith’s medal hopes were raised, those of the US pair – Ian Waltz and Jarred Rome – were blown as Waltz, the world No5, missed out on a place in the final by one centimetre and world No3 Jarred Rome, who has exceeded 68 metres this year, could only reach 61.87m.

Hungary’s Zoltan Kovago was the only other automatic qualifier from group A, while the outside medal shot and Spanish record holder Mario Pestano goes through with a best of 63.10m.

The big qualifiers from group B included Germany’s former European under-23 champion Robert Harting, who was close to his best on his first throw with 66.26m, and Hungary’s Gabor Mate who threw 65.13m, while Iran’s multi-Asian champion and record-holder Ehsan Hadadi goes through as the 11th of the 12 qualifiers with 62.75m.

New team colours failed to inspire the former South African Frantz Kruger. An Olympic bronze medallist in 2000, Kruger now competes for Finland, but he won’t be adding to his medal haul here as he threw only 60.72m, almost 10 metres short of his best.

Osaka 2007 News Team/mkb

1 Gerd Kanter EST 6 May 79 67.45 Q
2 Rutger Smith NED 9 Jul 81 66.60 Q
3 Virgilijus Alekna LTU 13 Feb 72 66.54 Q
4 Robert Harting GER 18 Oct 84 66.26 Q
5 Zoltan Kovago HUN 10 Apr 79 65.71 Q
6 Gabor Mate HUN 9 Feb 79 65.13 Q
7 Aleksander Tammert EST 2 Feb 73 64.41 q
8 Omar El-Ghazaly EGY 9 Feb 84 63.56 q
9 Piotr Malachowski POL 7 Jun 83 63.20 q
10 Mario Pestano ESP 8 Apr 78 63.10 q
11 Ehsan Hadadi IRI 21 Jan 85 62.75 q
12 Rasheed Shafi Al-Dosari QAT 8 May 81 62.68 q
13 Ian Waltz USA 15 Apr 77 62.67
14 Mikko Kyyro FIN 12 Jul 80 62.11
15 Jarred Rome USA 21 Dec 76 61.87
16 Sultan Mubarak Al-Dawoodi KSA 16 Jun 77 61.23
17 Vikas Gowda IND 5 Jul 83 61.22
18 Bogdan Pishchalnikov RUS 26 Aug 82 61.13
19 Frantz Kruger FIN 22 May 75 60.72
20 Michael Robertson USA 19 Dec 83 60.39
21 Hannes Kirchler ITA 22 Dec 78 60.34
22 Mart Israel EST 23 Sep 83 60.23
23 Erik Cadee NED 15 Feb 84 59.98
24 Stanislav Nesterovskyy UKR 31 Jul 80 59.81
25 Sergiu Ursu ROU 26 Apr 80 59.22
26 Niklas Arrhenius SWE 10 Sep 82 58.76
27 Shigeo Hatakeyama JPN 9 Mar 77 55.71
28 Jason Morgan JAM 6 Oct 82 55.32
29 Ercument Olgundeniz TUR 7 Jul 76 54.89
Group A 09:30 Team dist. 1. 2. 3.
1 Gerd Kanter EST 67.45m 56.59 58.81 67.45
2 Rutger Smith NED 66.60m 64.06 66.60
3 Zoltan Kovago HUN 65.71m 62.09 65.71
4 Piotr Malachowski POL 63.20m 63.00 62.45 63.20
5 Mario Pestano ESP 63.10m 62.36 63.10 X
6 Rashid Shafi Al-Dosari QAT 62.68m 62.68 X 61.47
7 Ian Waltz USA 62.67m X 62.67 61.62
8 Sultan Mubarak Al-Dawoodi KSA 61.23m 59.14 X 61.23
9 Vikas Gowda IND 61.22m 61.22 X X
10 Bogdan Pishchalnikov RUS 61.13m X 59.32 61.13
11 Frantz Kruger FIN 60.72m 60.72 X X
12 Mart Israel EST 60.23m 59.92 60.23 60.18
13 Sergiu Ursu ROU 59.22m X X 59.22
14 Shigeo Hatakeyama JPN 55.71m 52.51 55.71 54.23
15 Ercument Olgundeniz TUR 54.89m X 54.89 54.62
Group B 11:10 Team dist. 1. 2. 3.
1 Virgilijus Alekna LTU 66.54m X 63.70 66.54
2 Robert Harting GER 66.26m 66.26
3 Gabor Mate HUN 65.13m 65.13
4 Aleksander Tammert EST 64.41m 64.41
5 Omar Ahmed El Ghazaly EGY 63.56m X 63.56 X
6 Ehsan Hadadi IRI 62.75m 62.75 61.44 62.00
7 Mikko Kyyro FIN 62.11m 62.11 61.75 X
8 Jarred Rome USA 61.87m 61.87 X X
9 Michael Robertson USA 60.39m 60.15 X 60.39
10 Hannes Kirchler ITA 60.34m 57.09 60.28 60.34
11 Erik Cadee NED 59.98m 58.78 59.98 56.99
12 Stanislav Nesterovskyy UKR 59.81m 56.00 59.81 57.56
13 Niklas Arrhenius SWE 58.76m 54.98 55.18 58.76
14 Jason Morgan JAM 55.32m 55.32 52.93 53.67

Group A 26 AUG 2007 09:30 

1 525 Gerd Kanter EST EST 73.38 72.02
2 896 Piotr Małachowski POL POL 66.61 66.61
3 522 Märt Israel EST EST 63.64 63.64
4 1060 Ercüment Olgundeniz TUR TUR 64.34 64.34
5 1153 Ian Waltz USA USA 68.91 67.98
6 917 Rashid Shafi Al-Dosari QAT QAT 64.43 64.20
7 516 Mario Pestano ESP ESP 68.26 68.26
8 963 Bogdan Pishchalnikov RUS RUS 64.95 64.95
9 667 Zoltán Kövágó HUN HUN 69.95 66.42
10 931 Sergiu Ursu ROU ROU 63.78 62.62
11 852 Rutger Smith NED NED 66.08 66.08
12 676 Vikas Gowda IND IND 64.96 64.96
13 788 Sultan Mubarak Al-Dawoodi KSA KSA 64.55 63.07
14 732 Shigeo Hatakeyama JPN JPN 60.10 60.10
15 548 Frantz Kruger FIN FIN 70.32 66.76

Group B 26 AUG 2007 11:10 

1 1023 Niklas Arrhenius SWE SWE 65.77 65.77
2 721 Jason Morgan JAM JAM 62.95 62.95
3 1135 Jarred Rome USA USA 68.37 68.37
4 805 Virgilijus Alekna LTU LTU 73.88 71.56
5 679 Ehsan Hadadi IRI IRI 67.95 67.95
6 1075 Stanislav Nesterovskyy UKR UKR 64.94 64.94
7 1133 Michael Robertson USA USA 64.89 64.04
8 529 Aleksander Tammert EST EST 70.82 64.34
9 702 Hannes Kirchler ITA ITA 65.01 65.01
10 847 Erik Cadée NED NED 62.68 62.68
11 549 Mikko Kyyrö FIN FIN 64.14 64.14
12 495 Omar Ahmed El Ghazaly EGY EGY 66.58 66.58
13 669 Gábor Máté HUN HUN 66.54 66.45
14 635 Robert Harting GER GER 66.93 66.93

Event preview: Men’s Discus Throw

Although Estonia’s Gerd Kanter leads the world this year thanks to his 72.02m effort in California early in May, there can be little doubt that the favourite for discus gold in Osaka will be Lithuania’s Virgilijus Alekna.

The two-time World and Olympic champion, who boasts the longest current win streak in the sport at 37 finals over two years, will be seeking his 11th major championship medal in the final on Tuesday evening (August 28). He’s thrown beyond 70m four times this season, including his season’s best of 71.56m in Kaunus just a few weeks ago, a mark that ranks him just below Kanter on this year’s world lists.

Kanter finished second to Alekna in 2005 and again at the Gothenburg European Championships last summer. While he hasn’t returned to his early season form, nor closed on the national record of 73.38m he set last season, the Estonian will still be Alekna’s closest challenger.

Indeed, no one else this year has come close to 70m, and the rest of the field could well be fighting for the minor medals. Jarred Rome (USA) and Spain’s Mario Pestano have both exceeded 68m, Rome’s 68.37m coming back in April with Pestano’s 68.26m a national record from early July.

Frantz Kruger could also be in the mix if he can get close to his best of 70.32m from 2002. Although his best this year is just 66.37m, the Sydney Olympic bronze medallist will no doubt hope to be inspired by his recent switch of allegiance from South Africa to Finland.

Other names who could feature in the medal hunt include USA’s Ian Waltz, Iran’s Asian record holder, Ehsan Hadadi, and Germany’s Robert Harting.

Osaka 2007 News Team/mkb




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