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2009 World Championships in Athletics Berlin, Germany

2009 12th IAAF World Championships - Berlin - Men's 5000m



Host City: Berlin, GermanyFormat: First round (First 5 & 5 fastest to final) (Aug 20)
Dates: 15–23 August
Nations participating: 202
Athletes participating: 2101
  Main venue: Olympiastadion
Overview by IAAF  
The heats were notable for the tribulations of new Ethiopian Ali Abdosh, who accidentally lost a shoe in the first lap then spent 16 seconds trying to replace it before re-joining the race and valiantly attempting to make up lost ground to huge applause from the crowd. He fell three places short of qualifying by right, but was generously advanced to the final by decision of the referee. The pace in the final was slow with the first kilometer covered in 2:54.35. The pace picked up with kilos of 2:39.82, 2:40.46 and 2:37.59 without significantly breaking up the pack. Bekele covered the penultimate lap in 60.21 seconds, but there were still 12 athletes in contact. Former champion Kipchoge ran alongside Bekele down the final back straight, but slipped back as Bekele ran his penultimate 100 in 13.02. In the meantime Lagat worked himself into an ideal position at Bekele’s shoulder with 100m left. The American attacked and edged ahead with 80m to go, but Bekele fought back and won by two metres, completing the final circuit in 53.71.




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