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2009 World Championships in Athletics Berlin, Germany

2009 12th IAAF World Championships - Berlin - Men's High Jump



Host City: Berlin, GermanyFormat: Qualifying round (2.30 or top 12 to final) (Aug 19)
Dates: 15–23 August
Nations participating: 202
Athletes participating: 2101
  Main venue: Olympiastadion
Overview by IAAF  
The wet conditions severely affected the run-up and neither Manson nor Ukhov, two of the three men who had cleared 2.35 earlier in the season, could go higher than 2.23. Such were the conditions that only four men managed to do so. No-one made 2.28 the first time, Bednarek and Rybakov were able to clear on their second jumps. Ioannou and Spank made it on their third. Rybakov and Ioannou then cleared 2.32 first attempt, and the other two made the height with their second jumps. Spank equalled his best but the ecstatic Bednarek had improved by 4cm. When no-one cleared 2.35, the failures at earlier heights determined the finishing order. For Rybakov, who had won three silver medals previously, this was a sweet moment, though he played down his feelings – “I am not an emotional person ... perhaps when I hear the Russian national anthem I [will] perhaps start to feel something.” Neither of the two previous World Champions (Krymarenko and Thomas) made the final.




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