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2011 World Championships in Athletics Daegu, South Korea

2011 13th IAAF World Championships - Daegu - Men's 400m Hurdles



Host City: Daegu, South KoreaFormat: First round (First 4 & 4 fastest to semi-finals)
Dates: 27 August – 4 September 2011Format: Semi-finals (First 2 & 2 fastest to final) (Aug 30)
Nations participating: 204
Athletes participating: 1848
  Main venue: Daegu Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
There was first a faulty start, then after the finalists went to their marks for a second time, Taylor was given an official warning for taking too much time. In spite of that penalty, the American was off quickly, but Culson was in front by hurdle three, with van Zyl just behind. The Puerto Rican maintained the lead until the eighth when the South African caught him. Almost level just over a metre behind them were Taylor, Jackson, Greene and Sánchez, who had struck the first hurdle heavily. The Briton moved most freely of that quartet and caught Culson off the last hurdle to win by half a metre.




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