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2017 World Championships in Athletics London, United Kingdom

2017 16th IAAF World Championships - London - Men's High Jump



Host City: London, UKFormat: Qualifying round (2.31 or top 12 to Final (Aug 11)
Dates: 4–13 August 2017
Nations participating: 205
Athletes participating: 2038
  Main venue: London Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
Barshim was again favourite, but this time lived up to expectations. The Qatari jumper led the qualifiers at 2.31 with a clean slate, and did the same in the final up to and including his winning leap of 2.35. Behind him, the youngest finalist, 20 year-old Lysenko, was the only other man to clear 2.32, while the battle for bronze was won by Ghazal, who earned Syria’s first ever medal by a male athlete, edging Rivera and Przybylko. Of those three, it was Rivera who was closest to making 2.32. The official biomechanical report noted that Barshim was the only man to match the highest point of his best jump with the plane of the crossbar, describing his technique as “requiring extreme levels of elasticity”.




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