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2017 World Championships in Athletics London, United Kingdom

2017 16th IAAF World Championships - London - Women's 4 x 100m



Host City: London, UKFormat: First round (First 3 & 2 fastest to final) (Aug 12)
Dates: 4–13 August 2017
Nations participating: 205
Athletes participating: 2038
  Main venue: London Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
The Jamaicans had a metre advantage over Britain and the US after the first changeover. The biomechanical evidence shows that Britain led at 200m in 21.34, but then lost ground on the change between Henry and Asher-Smith. Jamaica then edged ahead, but it all changed again in the final transition. The last Jamaican changeover (from Facey to Forbes) took an horrendous 1.10, for a total zone time of 2.26. Their chances of gold were ended, and that was almost the case also with the USA. Their final exchange element took a moderate 0.69 and occurred dangerously late in the zone, with anchor woman Bowie needing to look back. Britain also had an average pass by their standards (0.55) and it meant the Bowie’s raw speed at the end took the gold. A second for her and a 10th for Felix.




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