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2017 World Championships in Athletics London, United Kingdom

2017 16th IAAF World Championships - London - Women's Long Jump



Host City: London, UKFormat: Qualifying round (6.75 or top 12 to final) (Aug 9)
Dates: 4–13 August 2017
Nations participating: 205
Athletes participating: 2038
  Main venue: London Stadium
Overview by IAAF  
Klishina started best in the final, with 6.78. That was supplanted by Španovi, who, in only her third outdoor competition of the year, reached 6.96 in round two. The 'neutral’ Klishina responded with 6.88, and these two were then overtaken by Reese, who improved from 6.75 to 7.02 in the third. Klishina, a fashion model based in Florida, continued to jump well, reaching 6.91 in the fourth, and then 7.00 with her next jump, her best outdoors for six years. The final round saw Bartoletta move into a medal position with 6.97. Then Španovi apparently reached at least 7.00 on her last jump, but her back bib made a mark in the sand at 6.91. IAAF Rule 143.7 has since been changed so that no jump athlete need wear a back bib. Reese dedicated her seventh world title (four out, three in) to her late grandfather who had died two weeks earlier. Biomechanical analysis showed that Bartoletta had the fastest last three steps (9.49 m/s, then 9.51 and 9.20). She then lost more speed on take-off (1.48 m/s) in comparison with the other two medallists. Her gap to the board plane was a reasonable 7cm, but if you add that to the distance she cleared from the board (6.97m), she had the longest leap of the final. In the qualifying rounds, it was most unusual that no one reached the automatic qualifying mark of 6.70.




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