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1900 Olympic Games Paris, France - Men's 200 m



Host City: Paris, France Format: Top two in each heat advanced to the final.
Date Started: July 22, 1900
Date Finished: July 22, 1900
(Competitors: 8; Countries: 7; Finalists: 4)
Venue(s): Catalan Cross, Boulogne Forest, Paris
Overview by IAAF  velodrome_de_vincennes.png
The heats eliminated just two athletes. Pritchard, who later became a silent film star in the USA, was the early leader, but Tewksbury took over just after the 100m mark and finished the tree-surrounded course on the 500m track just over 2m ahead of the Briton with Rowley half a metre back. The country for which Pritchard competed is debatable. There is a good case for him to be listed as Indian and indeed several Olympic historians prefer this option. For the purposes of this book, the editor is swayed by the research of the late Ian Buchanan published in the Journal of Olympic History (Volume 8, number 1, January 2000). Buchanan notes that Calcutta-born Pritchard was selected to represent Great Britain after competing at the 1900 AAA Championships (in London) and was shown as being affiliated to both England and “British India” in the 1900 Olympic Games programme. He concludes that “Pritchard was a British colonial, resident in India”. The editor welcomes further advice and comment on this subject.
Summary by
Strangely, this event was held almost a full week after the other scratch competitions, at a time when most of the handicap events were being contested. On a cool, sunny day the start was very even, with Norman Pritchard taking an early lead. But Walter Tewksbury took the lead past the halfway point and won rather easily.
Tewksbury was hardly unknown as a sprinter, having won the sprint double at both the 1898 and 1899 IC4A championships while a student at Penn. He graduated from that school with a dental degree and eventually practiced dentistry in his hometown of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. He lived into his late 90’s.
The second-place finisher, Norman Pritchard, who was from India but represented Britain and the AAA, later settled in the United States and became a silent film star.
 William Holland set the first Olympic record when he won the first heat of the first round in 24.0 seconds. In the final Walter Tewksbury set a new Olympic record with 22.2 seconds.
200 m Men Final 22 July
Tewksbury passed Pritchard in the second half of the race and crossed the finish line 2½ yards clear of the field, with Pritchard half a yard ahead of Rowley, and Rowley six inches ahead of Holland, who was the slowest in the final despite improving upon his time by over a second.
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Age Records Notes
1 22.2 Walter Tewksbury United States USA 24 OR
2 2½ yds bh Norman Pritchard India IND 24
3 ½ yd bh2 Stan Rowley Australia AUS 23
4 almost =3rd Bill Holland United States USA 26
200 m Men Round One Heat One 22 July
The first heat was an easy win for Holland.
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Age Records Notes
1 24.0 Q Bill Holland United States USA 26 OR
2 easy win Q Norman Pritchard India IND 24
3 Adolphe Klingelhoeffer Brazil BRA 20 poor 3rd
4 Ernő Schubert Hungary HUN 18
200 m Men Round One Heat Two 22 July
Rowley beat Tewksbury by about a foot, and neither of the other two runners were close.
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Age Records Notes
1 25.0 Q Stan Rowley Australia AUS 23
2 1 ft bh Q Walter Tewksbury United States USA 24
3 bad 3rd Yngvar Bryn Norway NOR 18
4 Albert Werkmüller Germany GER




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