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1900 Olympic Games Paris, France - Men's High Jump



Host City: Paris, France Format: Final only.
Date Started: July 15, 1900 Format: Final only. Point-for-place scoring.
Date Finished: July 15, 1900
(Competitors: 8; Countries: 7)
Venue(s): Catalan Cross, Boulogne Forest, Paris
Overview by IAAF  velodrome_de_vincennes.png
Baxter, winner of the US title in 1898-99, was the co-favourite with Leahy. The Irishman had jumped 1.96 in 1898, but Baxter had cleared 1.92 at the end of May. With Leahy unable to clear 1.81, Baxter was the undisputed winner, and he went on to clear 1.90 with his Eastern cut-off style. Attempts at equalling Sweeney’s world best of 1.97 were truncated by the crowd being allowed to get too close to the jumping area. The event was held on a Sunday, meaning that two religious Americans, Walter Carroll and William Remington, by-passed the event.
Summary by
There was no qualifying. There were 12 entrants but only eight starters as the Sunday start eliminated two Americans, William Remington and Walter Carroll. Irv Baxter defeated Pat Leahy by clearing 1.90 metres, and then attempted to equal the world record of 1.97, but failed, in part because unrestrained spectators made it difficult for him to concentrate. Leahy had won the 1898 and 1899 AAA titles, but had also lost the 1900 AAA championship to Baxter.
Baxter was America’s top high jumper since Michael Sweeney’s professional defection. Baxter had been second in the 1897 IC4A while representing Trinity College and won that event in 1899 for Penn. He also won the 1899 AAU high jump title. Sweeney, however, also made his presence felt in Paris, as he had competed in the professional competitions earlier in the summer, winning the 100 metres, the high jump, and the long jump.
Irving Baxter improved the Olympic record twice. At first he jumped 1.85 metres and finally he also cleared 1.90 metres
High Jump Men Final 15 July
Baxter won easily, clearing 1.85 metres and 1.90 metres. With no one else close, he attempted to break the world record, 1.97 metres at the time. He failed all three times he attempted it, but still took the gold medal.
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Age Records Notes
1 1.90 Irv Baxter United States USA 24 OR
2 1.78 Pat Leahy Great Britain GBR 22
3 1.75 Lajos Gönczy Hungary HUN 19
4T 1.70 Carl Albert Andersen Norway NOR 23
4T 1.70 Eric Lemming Sweden SWE 20
4T 1.70 Waldemar Steffen Germany GER 27
7 1.60 Louis Monnier France FRA
8 1.50 Tore Blom Sweden SWE 20




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