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1906 Olympic Games Athina, Greece - Men's Discus Throw



Host City: Athina, Greece Format: Final only.
Date Started: April 25, 1906
Date Finished: April 25, 1906
(Competitors: 21; Countries: 9)
Venue(s): Panathenaic Stadium, Athina
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Sheridan, world record holder at 43.69, was an easy winner, with a supporting throw of 41.02, and his margin of victory was the greatest ever in the event. He was a man of small stature (1.90/88Kg) by today’s throwing standards, but was a good enough athlete to win a medal in the 1908 standing long jump and place ninth in the triple jump.
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World-record holder Martin Sheridan, who had won the discus in 1904 at St. Louis, won this competition quite easily. He was at this time unequaled as a discus thrower and as an all-around athlete. Born in Bohola, County Mayo, Ireland, Martin Sheridan emigrated to the United States in 1900, following his brother, Richard, who had come over in 1897. Richard Sheridan quickly established himself in the United States as a discus thrower. Martin Sheridan also took up the event and quickly became the best in the world at it. Sheridan stood 6'3) and weighed 195 lbs. in his prime.
In the era when Sheridan competed, there was no official governing body that recognized world records. Various sources credit him with between seven and sixteen world records. Sheridan's Olympic fame rests primarily on winning the Olympic gold medal in the discus in 1904, 1906, and 1908. But he was far more than just a discus thrower. Overall, he won nine Olympic medals, including five gold, counting those Sheridan won in the 1906 Olympics.
Sheridan was a superb jumper and weight thrower, but he displayed his other talents in the all-around championship, the early American forerunner of the decathlon. Sheridan entered three all-arounds in his athletic career, the AAU National Championships of 1905, 1907, and 1909. He won each of them easily, and set a world record each time, finally leaving it at 7,385 points, a mark which Jim Thorpe broke by only a few points in 1912. Sheridan also won the AAU discus championship in 1904, 1906, 1907, and again in 1911, just before his retirement as an athlete.
Off the field, Sheridan worked as a policeman (1902-1918) as did many of the Irish-American athletes. His fame led him to be the personal bodyguard for the governor of New York whenever he visited the city. Sheridan never married and died without issue from pneumonia only seven years after he retired from athletics. In the New York Herald-Tribune, his obituary proclaimed him to be the greatest all-around athlete ever known in the United States - greater even than Jim Thorpe. Thorpe himself stated in the obituary, "Sheridan was the greatest athlete in the world. He could do things I never could."
Discus Throw Men Final 25 April
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Age Records Notes
1 41.460 Martin Sheridan United States USA 25 WR
2 38.060 Nikolaos Georgantas Greece GRE 26
3 36.820 Verner Järvinen Finland FIN 36
4 35.620 Eric Lemming Sweden SWE 26
5 34.810 André Tison France FRA 21
AC František Souček Bohemia BOH
AC Miroslav Šustera Bohemia BOH 28
AC Heikki Åhlman Finland FIN 26
AC Uno Häggman Finland FIN 23
AC André Désfarges France FRA 22
AC Carl Kaltenbach Germany GER 23
AC Willy Dörr Germany GER 24
AC Mikhail Dorizas Greece GRE 20
AC Georgios Papakhristou Greece GRE
AC Vasilios Papageorgiou Greece GRE
AC Gyula Strausz Hungary HUN 26
AC György Luntzer Hungary HUN 19
AC Mihály Dávid Hungary HUN 19
AC István Mudin Hungary HUN 24
AC Alberto Masprone Italy ITA 21
AC Robert Edgren United States USA 32




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