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1912 Olympic Games Stockholm, Sweden - Men's Cross-Country Team



Host City: Stockholm, Sweden Format: circa 12,000 metres. Point-for-place scoring from the individual event, with the top three finishers for each team counting in the team scoring.
Date Started: July 15, 1912  
Date Finished: July 15, 1912  
(Competitors: 42; Countries: 6; Finalists: 35/5)  
    Venue(s): Stockholm Olympic Stadium, Stockholm
Overview by IAAF    1912_olympic_stadium2.jpg
Sweden and Britain loaded the event entering 12 runners for the host nation and nine British runners, with the top three runners from each nation scoring. The team race turned out to be the closest battle imaginable, as Sweden won gold by just one point from Finland, but the smaller nation went home with the individual gold medal, as Kolehmainen added to his tally of two titles, with a victory by more than half a minute over Andersson and Eke. The course started in the stadium and then went out to a 4000m loop, covered twice before the runners returned to the stadium.
Summary by      
The team cross-country title was determined by using the scores of the top three finishers from each team competing in the individual cross-country event. At the international cross-country meet, England would won the championship from 1903-1914, but this event was basically contested by the British Isles nations and France.
Although Hannes Kolehmainen won the race, Sweden’s finishes of 2nd, 3rd, and 5th narrowly brought Sweden the gold medal over Finland. Great Britain was a distant third.
Cross-Country Team Men     Final 15 July        
The first three runners for each nation to finish in the individual cross country race counted towards the team results. Their placings were summed, and the team with the lowest sum won. Of the 10 nations that sent cross country runners, 6 had at least 3 runners (Austria, France, Germany, and South Africa were the four that did not; they have only one runner each). The United States had only 2 of its 5 runners finish, so did not make a valid team score.
Rank Mark     Team Country NOC   Records Notes
1 10     Hjalmar Andersson [2], John Eke [3], Josef Ternström [5] Sweden SWE     [2-3-5]
2 11     Hannes Kolehmainen [1], Jalmari Eskola [4], Albin Stenroos [6] Finland FIN     [1-4-6]
3 49     Frederick Hibbins [15], Ernest Glover [16], Thomas Humphreys [18] Great Britain GBR     [15-16-18]
4 61     Olav Hovdenak, Parelius Finnerud, Johannes Andersen Norway NOR     [19-20-22]
5 63     Lauritz Christiansen, Viggo Pedersen, Gerhard Topp Denmark DEN     [14-23-26]
AC DNF       United States USA      


1  Sweden (SWE) 10
Hjalmar Andersson 2
John Eke 3
Josef Ternström 5
  Brynolf Larsson 9
Johan Sundkvist 10
Klas Lundström 13
Bror Fock 17
Gustav Carlén 21
Edvin Hellgren DNF
John Klintberg DNF
Axel Lindahl DNF
Henrik Nordström DNF
2  Finland (FIN) 11
Hannes Kolehmainen 1
Jalmari Eskola 4
Albin Stenroos 6
  Ville Kyrönen 7
Viljam Johansson 11
Väinö Heikkilä 25
Matti Harju DNF
Aarne Lindholm DNF
3  Great Britain (GBR) 49
Frederick Hibbins 15
Ernest Glover 16
Thomas Humphreys 18
  Joe Cottrill DNF
William Scott DNF
4  Norway (NOR) 61
Olaf Hovdenak 19
Parelius Finnerud 20
Johannes Andersen 22
  Nils Dahl DNF
5  Denmark (DEN) 63
Lauritz Christiansen 14
Viggo Petersen 23
Gerhard Topp 26
  Steen Rasmussen 28
Holger Baden DNF
Fritz Danild DNF
Karl Jensen DNF
 United States (USA)
Harry Hellawell 12
Louis Scott 24
Tell Berna DNF
  George Bonhag DNF
William Kramer DNF


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