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1956 Olympic Games Melbourne, Australia - Men's 20 km Walk



Host City: Melbourne, Australia
Date Started: November 28, 1956
Date Finished: November 28, 1956
(Competitors: 21; Countries: 10)
Venue(s): Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria
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The 20Km walk had replaced the 10Km event. Ljunggren, the 50Km star, took the lead early with Vickers and Mikėnas his closest followers. Mikėnas attacked shortly after halfway, and the order with 5Km to go was Mikėnas, Ljunggren, Spirin, Vickers and Doležal. The Czech had to retire shortly after, and Mikėnas slowed after a disqualification warning, with the result that Spirin overtook Mikėnas with 3Km to go, receiving words of encouragement from his teammate as he went past. The USSR’s other Baltic athlete, Junk, moved from sixth at the threequarter point to third, finishing 12 seconds ahead of Ljunggren. This gave the USSR its first clean sweep in a men’s event.
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Because of the difficulty judging the 10 kilometre walk, it was replaced by the longer 20 km. distance for the 1956 Olympics, and this would become one of the standard Olympic walk events. The Soviet Union walkers pulled off the only medal sweep in Olympic walking history, Leonid Spirin leading his countrymen Antanas Mikėnas and Bruno Junk across the line.
20 km Walk Men Final 28 November
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Age Records
1 1-31.27.4 Leonid Spirin Soviet Union URS 24 OR
2 1-32.03.0 Antanas Mikėnas Soviet Union URS 32
3 1-32.12.0 Bruno Junk Soviet Union URS 27
4 1-32.24.0 John Ljunggren Sweden SWE 37
5 1-32.34.2 Stan Vickers Great Britain GBR 24
6 1-33.52.0 Don Keane Australia AUS 26
7 1-34.01.8 George Coleman Great Britain GBR 40
8 1-34.40.4 Roland Hardy Great Britain GBR 30
9 1-35.00.4 Pino Dordoni Italy ITA 30
10 1-35.43.0 Ted Allsopp Australia AUS 30
11 1-36.03.6 Abdon Pamich Italy ITA 23
12 1-38.46.8 Henry Laskau United States USA 40
13 1-39.35.0 Ronald Crawford Australia AUS 20
14 1-39.57.4 Dumitru Paraschivescu Romania ROU 33
15 1-41.37.8 Ion Barbu Romania ROU 26
16 1-43.25.6 Bruce MacDonald United States USA 29
17 1-46.24.8 James Hewson United States USA 38
AC DQ Alex Oakley Canada CAN 30
AC DQ Dieter Lindner Germany GER 19
AC DQ Josef Doležal Czechoslovakia TCH 35
AC DQ Lars Hindmar Sweden SWE 34




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