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1984 Olympic Games Los Angeles - Men's Decathlon



Host City: Los Angeles, United States Format: Scoring by 1962/1977 point tables.
Date Started: August 8, 1984  
Date Finished: August 9, 1984  
(Competitors: 26; Countries: 18)  
    Venue(s): Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Overview by IAAF   1984_olympic_stadium.jpg 
In five meetings prior to Los Angeles, Thompson had beaten Hingsen. The German set a new world record and appeared ready to break the tradition. Thompson blasted the 100m in 10.44, and jumped 8.01 to Hingsen’s 7.80. The Briton then threw a shot put personal best of 15.72, just behind Hingsen’s 15.87. Both men jumped well; 2.03 for Thompson and 2.12 for Hingsen, a relatively better performance for the German when considering their lifetime bests. In the 400m Thompson had lost 48.12 to Hingsen’s 48.08 in their previous meeting. Hingsen here ran a good 47.69, but was left well behind Thompson’s 46.97, giving Thompson a best ever first-day total of 4633, 114 ahead of Hingsen. After Hingsen edged Thompson 14.29 to 14.33, the discus provided the first of two key moments in the event. Trailing Hingsen’s superb 50.82 with 41.24, Thompson improved a whopping 5m to 46.56, so retaining a 32 point-lead with 6365. The second moment came in the vault when Hingsen could clear no more than his opening height of 4.50, half a metre below his best, while Thompson cleared 5.10, equalling his decathlon best. After heading Hingsen by almost 5m in the javelin he was 209 ahead with 8241. Despite a 1500m where he chose not to push himself at the finish, Thompson was within one point of the world record. His score was later increased by one point (after the 110m hurdles photograph was re-read by the then ATFS President Bob Sparks), and became an outright world record record when new 1984 scoring tables came into use.
Summary by      
By 1984 the defending gold medalist, Daley Thompson, was dominant in the decathlon. He had not lost a decathlon since the 1978 European Championships, winning the 1982 European and Commonwealth titles, and was 1984 World Champion. But his victory in Los Angeles was not a foregone conclusion. Thompson no longer held the world record, that mark having been broken three times since 1982 by West German Jürgen Hingsen. Hingsen's teammates, Siggi Wentz and 1976 silver medalist Guido Kratschmer were also expected to push Thompson. The Soviet-led boycott had minimal effect in 1984, with East German Siegfried Stark the only top international decathlete absent. Despite the German threat, Thompson was superb. He won the first two events, the 100 and long jump, with 10.44 and 8.01 and opened up a lead he never relinquished. He led Hingsen by 210 points after the javelin and coasted in the 1,500 to win the gold medal. Hingsen, Wentz, and Kratschmer finished second, third, and fourth. Thompson's original mark of 8,797 missed Hingsen's world record by one point, but a re-read of the photo finishes converted it to 8,798 and equal to Hingsen's mark. Then in 1985, new decathlon tables were introduced and Thompson's converted mark became 8,847 and the world record.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in points) prior to the 1984 Summer Olympics.

World Record 8832 West Germany Jürgen Hingsen Mannheim (FRG) June 9, 1984
Olympic Record 8618 United States Bruce Jenner Montreal (CAN) July 30, 1976

Daley Thompson set a new Olympic record with 8797 points.

Decathlon Men     Final 9 August      
Rank Mark     Athlete Country NOC Birth Date Records
1 8797     Daley Thompson Great Britain GBR 30 Jul 58 NR
2 8673     Jürgen Hingsen West Germany FRG 15 Apr 58  
3 8412     Siegfried Wentz West Germany FRG 7 Mar 60  
4 8326     Guido Kratschmer West Germany FRG 10 Jan 53  
5 8266     William Motti France FRA 25 Jul 64  
6 8130     John Crist United States USA 28 Aug 54  
7 8091     Jim Wooding United States USA 6 Feb 64  
8 8047     Dave Steen Canada CAN 14 Nov 59  
9 8012     Georg Werthner Austria AUT 7 Apr 56  
10 7924     Michele Rüfenacht Switzerland SUI 15 Sep 59  
11 7890     Brad McStravick Great Britain GBR 25 May 56  
12 7862     Tim Bright United States USA 28 Jul 60  
13 7739     Patrick Vetterli Switzerland SUI 6 Oct 61  
14 7683     Peter Hadfield Australia AUS 21 Jan 55  
15 7662     Weng Kangqiang China CHN 5 Jun 58  
16 7629     Ku Chin-Shui Chinese Taipei TPE 15 Jan 60  
17 7579     Trond Skramstad Norway NOR 6 Dec 60  
18 7553     Douglas Fernández Venezuela VEN 22 Nov 59  
19 7541     Lee Fu-An Chinese Taipei TPE 4 Jun 64  
20 7485     Colin Boreham Great Britain GBR 26 Mar 54  
21 6589     Monasser Saleh Qatar QAT 57  
22 6546     Claudio Escaruiza Paraguay PAR 3 May 58  
23 6519     Fidel Solorzano Ecuador ECU 26 May 62  
24 6342     Angel Díaz Guatemala GUA 29 Oct 61  
25 6084     Vivian Coralie Mauritius MRI 11 Mar 62  
  DNF     Albert Miller Fiji FIJ 12 Dec 57  
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