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1992 Olympic Games Barcelona - Women's Marathon



Host City: Barcelona, Spain Format: 42,195 metres (26 miles, 385 yards) out-and-back.
Date Started: August 1, 1992
Date Finished: August 1, 1992
(Competitors: 46; Countries: 30)
Venue(s): Montjuïc Olympic Stadium, Barcelona
Overview by IAAF  1992_olympic_stadium.jpg
The temperature at the start of the race was 30°C, with humidity over 70%, ensuring a slow race. Seoul silver medallist Lisa Ondieki was cofavourite with World Champion Wanda Panfil (POL). The Australian led to 20Km, reached in 1:14:09 with 15 runners within 10 seconds. Yegorova then made a move just before 25Km and led from her teammate Madina Biktagirova by three seconds. By 30Km the lead was over a minute after a 34:10 10Km section. Ondieki had dropped out and Panfil was almost three minutes behind. Akimori began to close in and caught Yegorova just after 35Km. The two ran together up the long hill towards the stadium, and Yegorova finally broke away 300m before Montjuic stadium. Biktagirova placed fourth in 2:35:59 but was later disqualified for failing a drugs test.
Summary by
The years since the 1988 Olympic marathon had seen numerous women win major races. Grete Waitz continued to win, taking her ninth New York title in late 1988, but by 1992, she was on the downside of her career. Defending champion Rosa Mota won at Tokyo in November 1988, defeating the GDR’s Uta Pippig. In 1989, Norway’s Ingrid Kristiansen, who had passed on the Seoul marathon, won at both Boston and New York. Mota continued to win, taking Osaka and Boston in 1990 with Pippig winning the Berlin race in September. Poland’s Wanda Panfil also came to the fore, winning the Nagoya race in 1990, Boston in 1991, and the World Championships in 1991 as well. Mota won the 1991 Marathon World Cup in London, while the 1991 New York race was won by Britain’s Liz McColgan in her marathon début.
So who would it be at Barcelona? The answer is none of the above, and in fact, because of injuries only Wanda Panfil among the above favorites even toed the line at Barcelona, but she would finish only 22nd. The race was eventually won by Valentina Yegorova, representing the Unified Team, by only eight seconds over Japan’s Yuko Arimori. Barcelona was Yegorova’s 14th career marathon, but only her second win, although she had finished second to Rosa Mota at the 1990 European Championships. She would later win the prestigious Tokyo race in 1993 and 1994. Arimori was running her fourth career marathon, but had never won. After the 1992 Olympics, she took a hiatus from competition, returning in 1995 to win the Sapporo marathon.


Standing records prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics
World Record  Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR) 2:21:06 April 21, 1985 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
Olympic Record  Joan Benoit (USA) 2:24:52 August 5, 1984 United States Los Angeles, United States
Season Best  Olga Markova (RUS) 2:23:43 April 20, 1992 United States Boston, United States

The Women's Marathon at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain was held on Saturday August 1, 1992. The race started on 6.30 p.m. local time. A total number of 37 athletes completed the race, with Bakombo Kungu from Zaire finishing in last position in 3:29:10. There were 47 competitors from 31 countries. Nine of them did not finish.

After finishing fourth, Madina Biktagirova of the Unified Team tested positive for norephedrine and became the first Olympic marathoner disqualified for failing a drug test
Marathon Women Final 1 August
Rank Mark Athlete Country NOC Birth Date Records
1 2.32.41 Valentina Yegorova Russia RUS 16 Feb 64
2 2.32.49 Yuko Arimori Japan JPN 17 Dec 66
3 2.33.59 Lorraine Moller New Zealand NZL 1 Jun 55
4 2.36.26 Sachiko Yamashita Japan JPN 20 Aug 64
5 2.36.48 Katrin Dörre-Heinig Germany GER 6 Oct 61
6 2.37.03 Mun Gyong Ae North Korea PRK 8 Apr 69
7 2.38.22 Manuela Machado Portugal POR 9 Aug 63
8 2.38.46 Ramilya Burangulova Russia RUS 11 Jul 61
9 2.39.03 Colleen de Reuck South Africa RSA 13 Apr 64
10 2.39.42 Cathy O'Brien United States USA 19 Jul 67
11 2.40.10 Karolina Szabó Hungary HUN 17 Nov 61
12 2.41.09 Francie Larrieu Smith United States USA 23 Nov 52
13 2.41.20 Sally Eastall Great Britain GBR 5 Jan 63
14 2.41.48 Ritva Lemettinen Finland FIN 9 Sep 60
15 2.42.45 Birgit Jerschabek Germany GER 17 May 69
16 2.42.55 Véronique Marot Great Britain GBR 16 Sep 55
17 2.44.32 Márcia Narloch Brazil BRA 28 Mar 69
18 2.46.14 Emma Scaunich Italy ITA 10 Mar 54
19 2.46.18 Odette Lapierre Canada CAN 28 Jan 55
20 2.46.44 Anna Villani Italy ITA 21 Jun 66
21 2.47.17 Janis Klecker United States USA 18 Jul 60
22 2.47.27 Wanda Panfil Poland POL 26 Jan 59
23 2.50.09 Bettina Sabatini Italy ITA 21 Mar 66
24 2.53.30 Alena Peterková Czech Republic CZE 13 Nov 60
25 2.54.21 Lee Mi-Ok South Korea KOR 10 Mar 68
26 2.54.33 Malgorzata Kowalewicz Poland POL 17 Feb 60
27 2.54.41 Sally Ellis Great Britain GBR 17 May 58
28 2.56.46 Pascaline Wangui Kenya KEN
29 2.58.18 Yumi Kokamo Japan JPN 26 Dec 71
30 2.58.57 Addis Gezagne Ethiopia ETH 14 Oct 70
31 3.00.23 Janeth Mayal Brazil BRA 19 Jul 63
32 3.01.46 Elena Murgoci Romania ROU 20 May 60
33 3.03.34 Vilma Sanchez Costa Rica CRC 28 Mar 60
34 3.05.50 Ena Guevara Peru PER 7 Feb 59
35 3.14.02 Ana Gutierrez Wittman United States Virgin Islands ISV 18 Sep 61
36 3.14.45 Jen Allred Guam GUM 17 Dec 61
37 3.29.10 Kungu Bakombo DR Congo COD 7 Aug 62
DNF Franziska Moser-Rochat Switzerland SUI 17 Aug 66
DNF Marguerite Buist New Zealand NZL 29 Dec 62
DNF Aurora Cunha Portugal POR 31 May 59
DNF Lia Melis Aruba ARU 23 Feb 60
DNF Lizanne Bussières-Chafe Canada CAN 20 Aug 61
DNF Lisa Ondieki Australia AUS 12 May 60
DNF Maria Lelut-Rebelo France FRA 29 Jan 56
DNF Dang Thi Teo Vietnam VIE 19 Jul 68
DQ Madina Biktagirova
DNF Olga Appell Mexico MEX 2 Aug 63
More Details by Marathoninfo
 1992 Barcelona: Montjuic to make a difference
Saturday, August 1 at 18:30 Valentina Yegorova (CIS) 28 years 47 from 31 countries 9 (19.14%)

Montjuic, planted by the sea, this hill 173 meters above sea level is a nice place to walk which can be accessed by a cable car, funicular and of course steep roads. But the stadium was located near the top of that hill, and the organizers have not found better than to get marathoners top of this hill, sort of justice at the finish of the marathon. The organizers tried to find the least steep slope to the summit, which made ​​an arrival with over 6km of convolutions, with a total of 147m in altitude uphill 53m downhill and some 1000m flat in passing in front of the museum Art of Catalonia, located in the middle of the climb. The other problem, besides the "tourist" circuit and thus not necessarily suitable for a marathon, was the departure time at 18:30 it is very hot even in Spain !! Needless to emphasize the difficulty of the course, you guessed it ...

Women are only 45 from the test. Among the favorites, the eastern countries are in the spotlight following the fall of the Berlin Wall November 9, 1989, the eastern borders were opened little by little, and marathon runners are not deprived himself to go running to the west especially the gains were attractive compared to their living conditions .. This allowed some of the athletes is to make a record in a few years for the Polish Wanda Panfil, married to Mexican Mauricio Gonzales, it had imposed in London, Nagoya, New York and had triumphed in 2:24:18 in Boston.

Other athletes is from the Biktagirova and Russian Yegorova. The Japanese also have appeared in the lead worldwide, which demonstrated their social liberation, that they were doomed to Blanked far. Exclusively women's events appeared (now very famous) as in Osaka where Arimori made ​​his debut in 1990 before we wear the national record in 2:28:01 behind Katrin Doerre still présente.Son record was beaten the year next by Yumi Kokamo in 2:26:26 and share Akemi Matsuno and Yoshiko Yamamoto, showing the tremendous potential of Japanese and density. We will add Manuela Machado Portuguese and Colleen Reuck of the (still) South Africa among the favorites.

Considering the journey that awaited them and the headwind that has added to the difficulties, the departure of the marathon was very cautious despite the flat of departure, with a transition to 5km in 17'58 ". Only the Australian Lisa Ondieki seems fear not only the course and hand in mind, and will make top half of the course, before lowering diet and lose slowly up and abandon, suffered a heat stroke. so that the Russian Biktagirova finally took the lead at halfway, joined by Yegorova and Machado. the 25th km is covered in 1h31'38 ". Behind the three women after the Japanese Yuko Arimori and New Zealand Lorraine Moller. The 30th km, Yegorova was detached and dominates in the Biktagirova order of 45 seconds, Arimori 46, and Lorraine Moller 55. While holding the unique slope of the course, the portion of 5km leading to 35th km was not covered by Yegorova, timed in 2:06:36, in 17'47 "between the hedges of spectators become denser and retained by a ribbon. a little faster by Arimori, now followed in second place with 12s only, ahead of Moller 18s, Biktagirova was demoted to fourth place. physical education teacher, Arimori, who finished fourth at the Tokyo world championships in 1991 and was only in his fourth marathon in 25 years , returned to the height of Yegorova on Avenue del Paralelo. the climbing Montjuic that presented itself was to be the judge of peace. More picked his opponent (1m56 for 52kg) Yegorova placed a boot which was Arimori unable to respond (1m64 for 48kg for the Japanese). A crossed the finish in 2:32:41 for the Russian, only 8 seconds separated them or the smallest gap recorded since the first women's Olympic marathon in 1984.

The victory does not reward Yegorova, unlike other times, an athlete with impressive track records, the 2nd European Championships two years ago in Split behind Rosa Mota, Barcelona scored his second victory in 14 marathons. Fourth, Biktagirova compatriot was disqualified when the bronze medal, she came to one of the pioneer of women's marathon, the New zéllandaise Lorraine Moller who had the experience of the death of her husband, US marathoner Ron Daws four days earlier .





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