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2004 Olympic Games Athens - Women's 10000 m



Host City: Athina, Greece Format: Final only.
Date Started: August 27, 2004  
Date Finished: August 27, 2004  
(Competitors: 31; Countries: 20)  
    Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Athens Olympic Sports Complex Spiros Loues, Maroussi
Overview by IAAF   2004-athens-stadium.jpg 
The expectations were that the Ethiopians could well produce a sweep of the medals, unless Paula Radcliffe was on top form, or one of the Chinese could produce a surprise. Radcliffe was never a factor after her aborted marathon, although she led at 3000m (9:27.40) before dropping out. Halfway was reached by Dibaba in 15:34.56. The Ethiopians upped the tempo in the seventh kilometre (2:56.9), and only Kiplagat and Xing were in touch. Slightly slower kilos of 3:00.4 and 3:00.1 maintained the status quo. At the bell Kidane led from Dibaba, Xing, Tulu and Kiplagat. Dibaba took the lead in the back straight, and only Xing could stay with her. Xing had placed ninth in the 5000m four days earlier, while Dibaba had been rested for the m, so it was a shock to see the Chinese athlete sprint past in the finishing straight to win by four metres. More surprising still was Dibaba’s glee when crossing the line lifting her arms in triumph. She claimed that she had failed to realise that Xing was not a lapped athlete and believed she was the winner!
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At the last two World Championships, Ethiopia had won five of the six medals. Their team was so talented that the 2003 World Champion, Berhane Adere, was not chosen for Athina. The only runner they feared was Britain's Paula Radcliffe, who in both 2002 and 2003 had set world marathon bests, bringing the record in 2003 to a Beamon-like 2-15:25. Radcliffe had run the marathon in Athina, but dropped out in that race, held five days earlier. Still hurting, she was not a factor in the 10K, although she led the early km. She lost contact on the 15th lap and stopped on the 19th. That left the lead to the Ethiopian team of Ejegayehu Dibaba, 1992 and 2000 champion Derartu Tulu, and Werknesh Kidane, China's Xing Huina, and Kenya's Lornah Kiplagat. Xing was somewhat unheralded but had set a world junior record of 30:31.55 at the 2003 Worlds. This group stayed together until the last lap, when Dibaba took off, chased by Xing. Off the last turn, Xing pulled ahead for the gold medal, but it was Dibaba who celebrated. Dibaba did not realize that Xing was on the same lap, thinking she had been lapped. She raised her hands joyfully as she crossed the line, but it would only be for the silver medal.


Prior to the competition, the existing World and Olympic records were as follows.

World record  Wang Junxia (CHN) 29:31.78 Beijing, China 8 September 1993
Olympic record  Derartu Tulu (ETH) 30:17.49 Sydney, Australia 30 September 2000

No new records were set during the competition.


The qualification period for athletics was 1 January 2003 to 9 August 2004. For the women's 5000 metres, each National Olympic Committee was permitted to enter up to three athletes that had run the race in 31:45.00 or faster during the qualification period. If an NOC had no athletes that qualified under that standard, one athlete that had run the race in 32:17.00 or faster could be entered.

The women's 10,000 metres at the 2004 Summer Olympics as part of the athletics program were held at the Athens Olympic Stadium on August 27. No preliminary rounds were held at this distance, since the number of competitors allowed a direct final.

Like Fernanda Ribeiro at the 2000 Summer Olympics, defending champion Derartu Tulu was not able to maintain her title, finishing in the third place behind compatriot (and cousin) Ejegayehu Dibaba and the winner Xing Huina. In Athens, Ribeiro did not finish the race due to fatigue, along with British marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe. Throughout the race, Xing marked the Ethiopian favorites, not taking the lead until the home stretch with a final kick Dibabba could not match. Xing's final lap was just under 63 seconds.

27 AUG 2004 General News

Women's 10,000m Final

Kicking effortlessly past Ejegayehu Dibaba in the final 80 metres, Xing Huina captured the Olympic title in the 10,000 metres, claiming the first victory in the event for China.

Biding her time behind the pace-setting east Africans, the 20-year-old reached the line in 30:24.36, 62/100s ahead of Dibaba's PB 30:24.98 to foil the efforts of the Ethiopians to duplicate the podium sweep of their male compatriots.

It was also a personal best for Xing, the World Junior record holder, whose previous best of 30:31.55 was set in last summer’s classic race at the World Championships in Paris.  Exceeding expectations and defying her critics, two-time Olympic champion Derartu Tulu passed teammate Werknesh Kidane in the last fifty metres to claim the bronze in 30:26.42, nearly two second ahead of the reigning World Championships silver medallist.

In a surprisingly fast race, six of the top 11 finishers clocked personal bests; three of those -Latvian Jelena Prokopcuka (7th, 31:04.10), Slovenia’ s Helena Javornik (10th, 31:06.63) and Mihaela Botezan of Romania (11th,31:11.24) - ran to national records.

Paula Radcliffe’s misfortune in championship races continued in Athens. The World record holder in the marathon, Radcliffe, who dropped out of the longer race five days ago, made the decision to contest the track race only this morning. After a few attempts at controlling the pace, Radcliffe dropped out of this race as well, with eight-and-a-half laps to go.

Prokopcuka lead a large pack through two kilometers in 6:21.82, with Japan’s Megumi Tanaka, China’s Sun Yingjie and Radcliffe a few step behind. Kidane, Tulu and Lornah Kiplagat took turns with the lead in the next few laps, before Radcliffe moved to the front with 18 laps to go, and brought the field through 3-K in 9:27.40. But Radcliffe didn’t - or couldn’t - increase the tempo, and simply drafted Yingjie, Kiplagat and the Ethiopians.

The Ethiopian trio took solid command of the race as the lead pack approached the midpoint. Kidane reached the in 15:34.56, before two-time champion Tulu took over. Visibly struggling, Radcliffe dropped back significantly, nearly seven seconds behind the leaders, struggling to stay in tenth place. With nine laps to go, the pack was reduced to nine; two laps later, to five –-the Ethiopians, Kiplagat and Xing.

Kidane and Dibaba steadily upped the tempo in the final laps, managing to drop Kiplagat, but not the persistently patient Xing. When she made her move heading into the straight, the Ethiopians were left to battle for the remaining medals. The 62.86 final lap was too much for Kidane, who eventually dropped to fourth, but more than three seconds ahead of Lornah Kiplagat.

27 of the 31 entrants finished the race.

10000 m Women     Final 27 August      
Rank Mark     Athlete Country NOC Birth Date Records
1 30.24.36     Xing Huina China CHN 25 Feb 84  
2 30.24.98     Ejegayehu Dibaba Ethiopia ETH 21 Mar 82  
3 30.26.42     Derartu Tulu Ethiopia ETH 21 Mar 72  
4 30.28.30     Worknesh Kidane Ethiopia ETH 21 Nov 81  
5 30.31.92     Lornah Kiplagat Netherlands NED 1 May 74  
6 30.54.37     Sun Yingjie China CHN 3 Oct 77  
7 31.04.10     Jeļena Prokopčuka Latvia LAT 21 Sep 76 NR
8 31.04.62     Lidiya Grigoryeva Russia RUS 21 Jan 74  
9 31.05.90     Lucy Kabuu Kenya KEN 24 Mar 84  
10 31.06.63     Helena Javornik Slovenia SLO 26 Mar 66 NR
11 31.11.24     Mihaela Prundus Romania ROU 21 Nov 76 NR
12 31.41.13     Kathy Butler Great Britain GBR 22 Oct 73  
13 31.42.18     Megumi Oshima Japan JPN 4 Sep 75  
14 31.50.49     Marie Davenport Ireland IRL 24 Jan 75  
15 32.00.85     Sabrina Mockenhaupt Germany GER 6 Dec 80  
16 32.12.57     Alice Timbilili Kenya KEN 1 Feb 83  
17 32.14.00     Sally Barsosio Kenya KEN 21 Mar 78  
18 32.15.12     Harumi Hiroyama Japan JPN 2 Sep 68  
19 32.18.16     Elva Dryer United States USA 26 Sep 71  
20 32.21.47     Anikó Kálovics Hungary HUN 13 May 77  
21 32.24.04     Kate O'Neill United States USA 29 Jul 80  
22 32.25.10     Galina Bogomolova Russia RUS 15 Oct 77  
23 32.29.57     Adriana Fernández Mexico MEX 4 Apr 71  
24 32.32.01     Benita Willis Australia AUS 6 May 79  
25 33.35.27     Haley McGregor Australia AUS 27 May 79  
26 33.48.66     Kayoko Fukushi Japan JPN 25 Mar 82  
27 34.04.97     Natalia Cerches Moldova MDA 21 Feb 76  
  DNF     Nataliya Berkut Ukraine UKR 30 May 75  
  DNF     Souad Aït Salem Algeria ALG 6 Jan 79  
  DNF     Fernanda Ribeiro Portugal POR 23 Jun 69  
  DNF     Paula Radcliffe Great Britain GBR 17 Dec 73  




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