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2008 Olympic Games Beijing - Women's Triple jump



Host City: Beijing, China Format: Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 14.45 metres advanced to the final.
Date Started: August 15, 2008  
Date Finished: August 17, 2008  
(Competitors: 36; Countries: 26; Finalists: 12)  
    Venue(s): Beijing National Stadium, Beijing
Overview by IAAF    2008_olympic_stadium.jpg
World Champion Savigne led the qualifiers with 14.99. This was exceeded in the final on the third jump of the competition by Šestak with 15.03, and Lebedeva (15.00) and Mbango (15.19) soon joined her at the 15m level. Devetzi moved into the lead in round 2 with 15.23 (15.29 toe to heel), and was followed by Lebedeva who improved to 15.17. Next up was defending champion Mbango, who had competed sparingly since her Athens win having taken off 2006 and 2007 for maternity. The 32 year-old Cameroonian hit the board with one centimetre to spare then hopped 5.48, stepped 4.69 and jumped 5.22 for a total of 15.39. Not only was this an Olympic and Commonwealth record, it was also the second-longest of all time after the long-standing world record of Inessa Kravets. Lebedeva made a fine riposte with 15.32 in the third round, but none of the top three cleared 15m again. They were joined by Rypakova – a national record of 15.11 – and Savigne (15.05) as six women were over 15m in the same competition for the first time. The three medalists were the same as in 2004. This was the first such occurrence in an Olympic event for women, for men it had occurred at 5000m in 1924/28 the javelin throw in 1992/96.
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The defending champion was Cameroon’s Françoise Mbango but she had hardly been seen since Athina. In 2006 and 2007 she spent the time raising her newborn, and did not compete. She resumed training earlier in 2008 and competed in seven warm-up meets prior to Beijing. No problem. In the opening round of the final, she bounded 15.19 (49-6¼) to take the lead. Surpassed in round two by Piyi Devetzi of Greece (15.23 49-11¾), she answered later in the round with 15.39 (50-6), which would prove to be the winning mark. In the third round, Russian Tatyana Lebedeva jumped 15.32 (50-3¼) and that held up for the silver medal. Lebedeva would return five days later to add a silver in the long jump. The 2007 World Champion and 2008 World Indoor Champion, Yargelis Savigne, placed fifth.


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows.

World record  Inessa Kravets (UKR) 15.50 Göteborg, Sweden 10 August 1995
Olympic record  Inessa Kravets (UKR) 15.33 Atlanta, United States 31 July 1996

The following new world and Olympic records were set during this competition.

Date Event Name Nationality Distance Notes
17 August Final Françoise Mbango Etone Cameroon 15.39 OR

The women's triple jump at the 2008 Olympic Games took place on August 15 and 17 at the Beijing Olympic Stadium.

The qualifying standards for the 2008 event were 14.20 m (46 ft 7 in) (A standard) and 14.00 m (45 ft 11 in) (B standard).

The automatic qualifier was still 14.45m but unlike four years earlier with 15 auto qualifiers, only eight made it this time. Hrysopiyi Devetzi was the #2 qualifier this time with a less spectacular 14.92m (40cm less than her personal best in qualifying in 2004). The fifth best jumper in history Yamilé Aldama was unable to find the take off board and fouled out in qualifying.

In the first round of the final, defending champion Françoise Mbango Etone showed she was serious jumping 15.19m to take the lead. Marija Šestak went 15.03m to move into second and the #2 jumper in history Tatyana Lebedeva jumped 15.00m for third place. In the second round Lebedeva jumped 15.17m but Devetzí pulled out a 15.23 and Etone exploded a 15.39 m (50 ft 534 in), a jump which remains the second best jump in history and became the new Olympic record. After losing a notch in the all time list, Lebedeva's third round 15.32m, only equalling her personal third best jump, moved her within 7cm of the lead. Other athletes were able to improve over the 15m mark but the podium was set. Etone's gold her nation's second individual gold medal in its Olympic history, which followed her first four years earlier.

Women's Triple Jump - FINAL


When Françoise Mbango Etone won the 2004 Olympic title in Athens with a last round effort she defied all odds taking her first major international title after no fewer than five silver medals. She did so with a new personal best 15.30m.

Fast forward four years and the Cameroonian found herself in a similar situation heading into her second Olympic Games albeit for different reasons. Having had a poor year in 2005, she took the following two years off to give birth to her son Adna-Niels. Making her competitive comeback less than four months ago with a superb win at the African Championships, she was regarded as the number one outsider in a field which included the best triple jumpers of the moment.

Yet Mbango became the first athlete to defend her Olympic title here in Beijing – Bekele would achieve the same feat later in the evening. She did so in a new personal best, African record and Olympic record 15.39m, the second best jump ever recorded in the history of the event.

The similarities with the Athens competition do not end past the winner as the top three medallists are also a repeat, although silver and bronze were reverted. This time around, World Indoor record holder Tatyana Lebedeva landed silver with a season’s best 15.32m leaving Hrysopiyi Devetzi in third at 15.23m.

"It's the best performance of my life," said the winner. "I am so happy. I believed in myself and I worked hard. I believe I won because I have experience and I took my time with my preparation."

Lebedeva declared: "My goal in the Olympic Games is the gold. I want to try my best, but I was not totally recovered from injury so I'm satisfied with the silver." 

All three athletes celebrated going for a joint lap of honour while holding their respective national flags. In fourth Olga Rypakova, of Kazakhstan wept tears of joy having taken the Asian record to 15.11m - an improvement of 42 centimetres on her personal best.

The only one to leave the stadium in distress was reigning World Outdoor and Indoor champion Yargelis Savigne whose 15.05m, in what proved a historical final tonight, was only good enough for fifth!

With Marija Sestak setting a Slovenian record 15.03m in the opening round, the Beijing final will be remembered as the deepest ever in the history of the event. The women’s Triple Jump final has been contested at eight IAAF World Championships in Athletics and three Olympic Games before tonight and never had six women broken the 15-metre barrier!

In fact, Mbango had been in premier position from beginning to end. Jumping ninth, she responded to Sestak’s record and Lebedeva’s opening 15.00m with a clean 15.19m. Meanwhile, Devetzi had opened with 14.96m and Savigne registered her first foul of the evening.

The standings read: Mbango, Sestak, Lebedeva, Devetzi…

Fireworks came in round two with three successive 15m plus marks. First up was Devetzi’s 15.23m, followed Lebedeva’s 15.17m and Mbango’s eventual winner 15.39m. Savigne had earlier recorded her first legal mark at 14.87m and Rypakova concluded the hostilities with 14.83m.

At that point it was: Mbango, Devetzi, Lebedeva, Sestak, Savigne, Rypakova…

Only two athletes improved in the third round. Lebedeva jumped into second with what would remain her best of the evening 15.32m while Rypakova went one better at 14.93m, her second PB of tonight.

At the cut it read: Mbango, Lebedeva, Devetzi, Sestak, Rypakova, Savigne…

With the order reversed in round four, there were more changes in the standings: Savigne leapt past Sestak and Rypakova with 15.05m; Sestak moved down yet another position when Rypakova set the third of four personal bests tonight at 15.03m. Up front, Devetzi fouled, Lebedeva had a poor 14.40m and Mbango recorded her third best of the evening 14.82m.

The scoreboard now showed: Mbango, Lebedeva, Devetzi, Savigne, Rypakova, Sestak…

With the top four athletes recording fouls in round four only Rypakova made an impression. She leapt into fourth with her 15.11m Area record, a position she would not relinquish despite the Cuban's efforts.

Savigne gave her all with her last attempt but tonight wasn’t going to be her night as she landed at a disappointing 14.91m. The 23-year-old held her face in her hands evidently shocked by the disappointment of not delivering the gold medal her whole country was expecting.

As the next three fouled their final attempt, Mbango concluded on a high with 14.88m in what will be remembered as the best ever Triple Jump competition.

Laura Arcoleo for the IAAF

Triple jump Women     Final 17 August      
Rank Mark Wind   Athlete Country NOC Birth Date Records
1 15.39 0.5   Françoise Mbango Cameroon CMR 14 Apr 76 AR
2 15.32 0.5   Tatyana Lebedeva Russia RUS 21 Jul 76  
3 15.23 1.6   Hrisopiyí Devetzí Greece GRE 2 Jan 76  
4 15.11 0.3   Olga Rypakova Kazakhstan KAZ 30 Nov 84 AR
5 15.05 0.1   Yargelis Savigne Cuba CUB 13 Nov 84  
6 15.03 1.1   Marija Šestak Slovenia SLO 17 Apr 79 NR
7 14.77 1.1   Viktoriya Valyukevich Russia RUS 22 May 82  
8 14.73 -0.2   Anna Pyatykh Russia RUS 4 Apr 81  
9 14.70 1.2   Olha Saladukha Ukraine UKR 4 Jun 83  
10 14.13 0.8   Kaire Leibak Estonia EST 21 May 88  
11 14.12 0.5   Trecia Smith Jamaica JAM 5 Nov 75  
12 14.09 0.8   Xie Limei China CHN 27 Jun 86  

Women's Triple Jump qualification


There was quite an impressive showing of fashion designing as well as some high class triple jump on the back straight of the fabulous Olympic stadium here in Beijing.

The four women expected to play the leading roles in Sunday’s thrilling finale were up to standards in tonight’s qualification round and each also contributed to the spectacle of the Olympics with their individual glamorous touch.

It may have taken Cuba’s defending World Indoor and Outdoor champion two efforts to surpass the 14.45m automatic qualifying standard but when she got it right she got it very big! Showing off a pair of flashy red knee-high socks, Savigne achieved the best mark of the night her 14.99m only 29 centimetres off her all-time personal best.

Savigne was one of four automatic qualifiers in group A as the Russian pair of Victoria Gurova and Anna Pyatykh also secured second round tickets for Sunday’s final respectively at 14.78m and 14.45m.

2007 Long and Triple Jump Asian champion Olga Rypakova of Kazakhstan landed to an automatic 14.64m first round effort, the only athlete from this group to need only one attempt to advance.

But the fireworks came from the other qualifying group with the whole defending Olympic podium leaving nothing to chance. First up was silver medallist Hrysopiyi Devetzi whose belly diamond piercing wasn’t missed out by the local broadcaster. The Greek record holder leapt to a very convincing 14.92m proving her world lead 15.22m was no fluke.

Defending Olympic champion Francoise Mbango Etone who is making a comeback from maternity leave opened with 14.50m, just enough to make it to the final. The Cameroonian soon packed her bags to go rest for the final, her red skirt making only a quick appearance in the infield.

Last but not least of the leading quartet was two-time World Triple Jump champion and defending bronze medallist Tatyana Lebedeva who was sporting a red sleeve on the right arm and a white sleeve on the left. Lebedeva’s 14.55m may not have been up to the Russian’s best of the year it was certainly all that she needed tonight.

The Ukraine’s Olga Saladukha was the last automatic qualifier at 14.46m with the remaining four tickets for the final going to World Indoor bronze medallist Marija Sestak of Slovenia, Xie Limei of China, Estonian Kaire Leibak who won the World Junior title here in Beijing two years ago and 2005 World champion Trecia Smith of Jamaica.

Laura Arcoleo for the IAAF 
Triple jump Women     Qualification 15 August      
Rank Mark Wind   Athlete Country NOC Birth Date Records
1 14.99 -0.3 Q Yargelis Savigne Cuba CUB 13 Nov 84  
2 14.92 0.1 Q Hrisopiyí Devetzí Greece GRE 2 Jan 76  
3 14.78 0.3 Q Viktoriya Valyukevich Russia RUS 22 May 82  
4 14.64 0.0 Q Olga Rypakova Kazakhstan KAZ 30 Nov 84  
5 14.55 0.0 Q Tatyana Lebedeva Russia RUS 21 Jul 76  
6 14.50 0.0 Q Françoise Mbango Cameroon CMR 14 Apr 76  
7 14.46 -0.3 Q Olha Saladukha Ukraine UKR 4 Jun 83  
8 14.45 0.0 Q Anna Pyatykh Russia RUS 4 Apr 81  
9 14.44 -0.5 Q Marija Šestak Slovenia SLO 17 Apr 79  
10 14.27 0.0 Q Xie Limei China CHN 27 Jun 86  
11 14.19 0.0 Q Kaire Leibak Estonia EST 21 May 88  
12 14.18 0.3 Q Trecia Smith Jamaica JAM 5 Nov 75  
13 14.14 -0.2   Biljana Topić Serbia SRB 17 Oct 77  
14 14.11 0.0   Teresa Nzola Meso Ba France FRA 30 Nov 83  
15 14.09 0.4   Mabel Gay Cuba CUB 5 May 83  
16 14.02 0.3   Carlota Castrejana Spain ESP 25 Apr 73  
17 14.01 0.2   Svitlana Mamyeyeva Ukraine UKR 19 Apr 82  
18 14.00 -0.1   Magdelin Martinez Italy ITA 10 Feb 76  
19 13.98 0.0   Adelina Gavrilă Romania ROU 26 Nov 78  
20 13.97 0.2   Carolina Klüft Sweden SWE 2 Feb 83  
21 13.96 0.0   Yarianna Martínez Cuba CUB 20 Sep 84  
22 13.87 0.0   Baya Rahouli Algeria ALG 27 Jul 79  
23 13.81 0.0   Gisele de Oliveira Brazil BRA 1 Aug 80  
24 13.66 0.0   Liliya Kulyk Ukraine UKR 27 Jan 87  
25 13.53 1.7   Gita Dodova Bulgaria BUL 2 May 82  
26 13.52 -0.6   Erica McLain United States USA 24 Jan 86  
27 13.46 0.5   Yelena Parfyonova Kazakhstan KAZ 26 Jan 74  
28 13.44 0.0   Shani Marks-Johnson United States USA 24 Aug 80  
29 13.36 0.1   Anastasiya Juravlyeva Uzbekistan UZB 9 Oct 81  
30 13.29 0.1   Chinoye Ohadugha Nigeria NGR 24 Mar 86  
31 13.08 -0.3   Ksenia Dziatsuk Belarus BLR 23 Apr 86  
32 12.92 0.0   Irina Ektova Kazakhstan KAZ 8 Jan 87  
  NM     Yamilé Aldama Sudan SUD 14 Aug 72  
  NM     Athanasía Pérra Greece GRE 2 Feb 83  
  NM     Martina Šestáková Czech Republic CZE 12 Oct 78  
  NM     Dana Velďáková Slovakia SVK 3 Jun 81  
Detailed View

Qualifying round

Qualifying Performance 14.45 (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q) advance to the Final.

Rank Group Name Nationality 1 2 3 Mark Notes
1 A Yargelis Savigne Cuba 14.37
  14.99 Q
2 B Hrysopiyi Devetzi Greece 14.92
    14.92 Q
3 A Viktoriya Gurova Russia 14.44
  14.78 Q
4 A Olga Rypakova Kazakhstan 14.64
    14.64 Q, SB
5 B Tatyana Lebedeva Russia 14.55
    14.55 Q
6 B Françoise Mbango Etone Cameroon 14.50
    14.50 Q
7 B Olha Saladukha Ukraine 14.46
    14.46 Q
8 A Anna Pyatykh Russia x 14.45
  14.45 Q
9 A Marija Sestak Slovenia x 14.44
x 14.44 q
10 B Xie Limei China 13.38
14.27 q
11 B Kaire Leibak Estonia 14.19
x 14.19 q
12 B Trecia Smith Jamaica 14.18
x x 14.18 q, SB
13 A Biljana Topic Serbia x 14.11
14 A Teresa Nzola Meso Ba France 14.11
15 A Mabel Gay Cuba x x 14.09
16 A Carlota Castrejana Spain 14.02
x x 14.02  
17 A Svitlana Mamieieva Ukraine 13.73
18 A Magdelin Martinez Italy x 14.00
19 B Adelina Gavrila Romania 13.98
20 A Carolina Klüft Sweden 13.60
x 13.97
21 B Yarianna Martinez Cuba 13.76
22 B Baya Rahouli Algeria 13.80
23 B Gisele de Oliveira Brazil x 13.81
x 13.81  
24 B Liliya Kulyk Ukraine 13.53
25 A Gita Dodova Bulgaria x 13.47
26 A Erica McLain United States x 13.52
- 13.52  
27 A Yelena Parfyonova Kazakhstan 13.46
x 13.38
28 B Shani Marks United States 13.20
x 13.44  
29 B Anastasiya Juravleva Uzbekistan 13.36
x x 13.36  
30 A Chinonye Ohadugha Nigeria 12.92
31 A Kseniya Pryiemka Belarus 13.08
x 13.08  
32 A Irina Litvinenko Kazakhstan x 12.92
  B Yamile Aldama Sudan x x x NM  
  A Athanasia Perra Greece x x x NM  
  B Martina Šestáková Czech Republic x x x NM  
  B Dana Velďáková Slovakia x x x NM  


The final was held on August 17.

Rank Name Nationality 1 2 3 4 5 6 Result Notes
1st Françoise Mbango Etone Cameroon 15.19 15.39 x 14.82 x 14.88 15.39 OR
2nd Tatyana Lebedeva Russia 15.00 15.17 15.32 14.40 x x 15.32  
3rd Hrysopiyí Devetzí Greece 14.96 15.23 x x x x 15.23  
4 Olga Rypakova Kazakhstan x 14.83 14.93 15.03 15.11 x 15.11 AR
5 Yargelis Savigne Cuba x 14.87 14.77 15.05 x 14.91 15.05  
6 Marija Šestak Slovenia 15.03 14.65 x 14.46 14.47 14.75 15.03 NR
7 Viktoriya Gurova Russia 14.38 14.04 14.77 x 14.65 x 14.77  
8 Anna Pyatykh Russia 14.67 14.73 14.57 x 14.67 14.28 14.73  
9 Olha Saladukha Ukraine 12.78 14.70 11.29   14.70  
10 Kaire Leibak Estonia 12.19 14.13 x   14.13  
11 Trecia Smith Jamaica 14.12 13.75 x   14.12  
12 Limei Xie China 14.09 13.94 13.67   14.09  




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