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Olympic Memorabilia

Olympic Memorabilia

Olympic Memorabilia and Collectibles by


My interest in Olympic Collectibles developed back in the end of 1980's when a pin came to my possesion (as all of the Olympic collectors I suppose), which grew up to a monster that needs to be fed with a lot of my time, energy and money every day! It is a virus for which there is no cure. In fact I dont think that I want to be cured, as, despite the sacrifices, it makes me really happy. By the years my collection goals have changed as happens to all collections. I found a torch and that was the start of Olympic Torch collecting, I found a winners medal and I started collecting them. Badges, uniforms, official reports followed and so on. All the items in my collection were acquired with a lot of research, endless hours in the flea markets and buys of ebay bargains. I do not like to buy items as if I was in a collectors supermarket. There is not any joy doing that and, financially, I can't afford it.

     Collecting is a very lonely hobby and I feel the need to share my passion with fellow collectors but in Greece there are not so many. After the 2004 Olympics a lot of people started collecting but mainly items of these specific Games. I have the need to comunicate and to share my feelings about an item from the early Olympics that is added to my collection with people that can comprehend the rarity and the value of it. So this is my first attempt to communicate with the Olympic Collectors Comunity and I hope that you will judge me with patience.



   A part of my collection was exposed on the occasion of Thessaloniki Marathon Race in sportexpo Thessaloniki on 31/03 - 02/04/2016. A fantastic experience!

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